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The objective of the procurement organization is to ensure Bombardier Transportation maintains its lead position in the rail industry. We aim to continuously optimize our supply chain and ensure efficient project and commodity management.

We need to cooperate with our suppliers to ensure flawless execution of projects and enhance competitiveness through standardization and innovation. Our plan is to establish strategic partnerships with suppliers and work out supplier development plans in the future. For that purpose our suppliers are critical to our success.

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Current suppliers

As a current supplier of Bombardier Transportation you contribute to our success and share our values: profitable growth, safety, efficiency, environmental performance, superior value and service, high standards.

Find out more about our supplier sustainability, our Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC) and suppliers performance.

Supplier sustainability

Our global supply chain is constantly evolving and increasingly integrated within our activities. More than ever, our suppliers' expertise play a critical role in designing and manufacturing advanced components for our products. This makes suppliers key partners in our success.

Along with this changing dynamic, the global economic recession created significant supply chain challenges. It is more crucial than ever to work closely with our suppliers and manage our supply chain responsibly. This means:

  • Ensuring the efficiency and economic viability of our supply chain
  • Enhancing the sustainability of our procurement processes
  • Promoting respect for human rights and internationally sanctioned labour standards across our supply chain


Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC)

Bombardier Inc. voluntarily decided to sign the United Nations Global Compact because a strong commitment and a strategic approach to corporate responsibility are essential for managing the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing global environment. As the Transportation branch of Bombardier we hence issued our own Suppliers Code of Conduct (CoC) in line with the UN Global Compact with regard to:

  • Legal compliance
  • Ethics
  • Anti-corruption
  • Health and safety
  • Labour and human rights
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Supplier responsibility and commitment


Supplier performance and improvement

In Bombardier Transportation flawless execution of our projects is one of our priorities. We expect commitment and performance from our suppliers in order to support this initiative. Our supplier improvement teams constantly measure and review the performance of our suppliers, delivered goods and services. We have numerous Continuous Improvement activities with our suppliers, work out Supplier Development Plans and establish strategic partnerships.

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Potential suppliers

If you share our values and believe you can be part of our success, please read this section where you can find out more about our procurement organization, suppliers qualifications and the supplier pre-selection form.

Our procurement organization

In procurement we have a matrix-organization - we are organized by divisions and commodities. For each commodity there is a lead buyer in charge of developing a sourcing strategy including a preferred supplier panel. Divisions and site procurement teams are in charge of operational procurement. Division and site teams place orders and follow-up deliveries and performance of suppliers.

Suppliers qualifications criteria

In Bombardier Transportation’s Supplier Quality Assurance, our mission is to ensure that we choose suppliers that are able to meet our requirements. We detect quality risks and develop relevant accurate action plans.

Directly related to Transportation Indirectly related to Transportation
International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) ISO 9001
Supplier Evaluation and Approval Process (SEAP) ISO 14001 (HSE Compliance)
Parts Approval Process (PAP) ISO 45001 (HSE Compliance)

We expect our suppliers to be IRIS certified, as it is the globally recognize standard in the railway industry). Much effort was put in the Bombardier Transportation wide development and implementation of the Supplier Evaluation and Approval Process (SEAP) and Parts Approval Process (PAP). Both processes are now widely standardized with Bombardier Transportation and are used to detect and manage issues early in the project. All our processes are in line with IRIS.

With SEAP we evaluate and approve suppliers. This process has been designed to ensure a solid and stable supply base. PAP ensures the quality of purchased parts.

For all types of suppliers we consider the following commercial characteristics as part of our selection process:

  • Willingness and ability to share market risk
  • Systems or service facility capabilities
  • Operating management systems
  • Financial strength
  • Location
  • Certifications


Supplier pre-selection form

Bombardier Transportation as global company has developed an efficient global supply chain based on excellent performance. The company is currently in the process of growing business volumes with existing suppliers towards strategic partnership collaborating in the areas of global footprint, volumes, competitiveness, innovation and after-market cooperation.

If you feel prepared to manage complex and challenging requirements in a large project environment and are considering to become a supplier to Bombardier Transportation, you can meet us at industry leading trade shows around the world to get more information.

Furthermore, feel free to register your company’s information to provide us with a first notice. You may be contacted in the future by a lead buyer when an opportunity arises. Please fill out the supplier pre-selection form.

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