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AVE S102_S112_high_speed_trains



Quick facts
Location: Madrid, Málaga, Spain
Customer: RENFE
Number of vehicles: 46 trainsets (92 powerheads)
Entry into service: 2004

AVE S102/112 high-speed trains - Madrid/Málaga, Spain

In 2004, Bombardier Transportation together with its consortium partner Patentes Talgo, received an additional order from the Spanish State Railways RENFE, for the delivery of 30 AVE S112 high-speed trainsets, to be deployed on all high-speed lines in Spain.

A trainset typically consists of two powerheads and 12 coaches. This order follows an earlier one in 2001, with which RENFE initially placed an order for 16 high-speed trainsets (AVE S102). Bombardier Transportation will deliver the electrical equipment and bogies for all powerheads.

In 2004, Renfe Operadora awarded a 14-year maintenance contract to Talgo-Bombardier consortium for 16 high-speed trainsets (AVE S102). Nowadays, BTren Joint Venture (w/Renfe) is executing the full maintenance activities for S102 and S112 high-speed trains for Bombardier’s scope of supply: bogies, main and auxiliaries propulsion and control system, signalling and communication equipment.

The maintenance activities are being performed in Santa Catalina (Madrid) and Los Prados (Málaga) depots.

Project highlights:

  • Big overhaul operations for S102 trainsets are being finalized: “R” inspections related to 4 Million km (15 out of 16 trainsets already finished)
  • During September 2019 “R” overhaul operations for S112 starts
  • During June 2019, RENFE approves the maintenance plan with the extension of bogie overhauls for S112 fleet (S102 fleet already approved):
    • IM4 inspection: 1.2 – 1.5 Million km (+25%)
    • IM5 inspection: 2.4 – 2.75 Million km (+15%)

Major achievements:

  • 100% availability index in 2018