FLEXITY / FlexCare (Wiener Linien)



Quick facts
Location: Vienna, Austria
Customer: Wiener Linien GesmbH & CoKG
Number of vehicles: 119 (option: 37 vehicles)
Entry into service: 2018

FLEXITY / FlexCare (Wiener Linien) - Vienna, Austria

Vienna Transport Authority (Wiener Linien) and Bombardier Transportation signed a contract for the manufacturing and maintenance of 119 FLEXITY light rail vehicles in June 2015. 

The new FLEXITY trams started operating in Vienna in 2018, and gradually replaced the previous high-floor vehicles in the existing fleet.

The 34 m long FLEXITY trams accommodate 211 passengers, have a 215 mm high entrance and feature wide passageways and spacious multi-purpose areas. The new vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, LED lighting, video surveillance and screens with passenger information, including updates on next stops, line connections and departure times. The modern cab is equipped with an intelligent driver’s desk which is operated via touchscreens.

• Maximum speed of 80 km/h
• Super low-floor entrance of 215 mm for passengers with limited mobility

This contract also includes a 24-year FlexCare maintenance management system agreement. The FlexCare model combines the advantage of an up-to-date technology developed by Bombardier Transportation, with local added value and experience through maintenance operation execution by a local maintenance provider. By the fixed mileage price, the customer has fixed costs and no risk in preventive and corrective maintenance.

Bombardier Transportation covers the scope and cost of all preventive and corrective maintenance including materials and materials procurement. Additionally, Bombardier Transportation supplies the maintenance regime, detailed working instructions and all material for the maintenance (including vandalism and accident repair).  


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