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The proven TRAXX locomotive portfolio offers expertise eight years ahead of its time,  and more than 2,300 locomotives have been sold worldwide. Bombardier’s new TRAXX 3 locomotive platform is one of the most innovative locomotives to enter the European freight and passenger transportation market.

TRAXX locomotives enable cost-efficient operations while reducing environmental impact and preserving resources globally. Since 1998, the TRAXX platform has been delivering top quality freight and passenger transport services. Throughout this time, Bombardier has continued to develop and perfect the platform’s technology.

The broad TRAXX product portfolio provides customers with key benefits including:  

  • Experience in design, production, service and maintenance
  • High energy efficiency
  • Various train components including door controls, CCTV and passenger information system (“train wide functions”)
  • High train –load performance
  • Last mile functionality
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High reliability and availability
  • Spareparts support
  • Cross-border services on European core network corridors

The new TRAXX 3 platform offers a flexible and modular design for all worldwide applications and configurations required for individual operation. Bombardier provides customized solutions for specific regions such as our ALP passenger locomotives for North America, the E464 locomotive for Italy’s passenger traffic and the IORE locomotives for heavy freight transport in Sweden.



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The cornerstone for freight transport

For over 20 years, TRAXX locomotives have been safely and reliably providing freight and passenger service across 20 countries. Our freight locomotives set new standards in terms of tractive effort, energy efficiency, Last Mile support diesel engine, digitalization and service network. Many of these innovative solutions for day-to-day operations are proven to pay off in cost savings.

Innovative logistics concepts

TRAXX 3 locomotives with Last Mile function (diesel engine) allow for operation on non-electrified track sections all over Europe. The locomotives can bridge non-electrified areas for up to eight hours at up to 40 km/h. For convenience, remote control can be combined with the Last Mile option.

  • There is no longer a need for shunting locomotives in non-electrified areas, waiting in ports, terminals and at borders with changing power supply, or stopping during a power outage – with TRAXX locomotives, transportation is quick and convenient. 

Leading the way with modern technology

The TRAXX locomotives come out on top when it comes to economy and ecology:

  • Homologated for operation in 20 countries across Europe
  • Expertise gained through the TRAXX fleet covering 300 million km of track  per year
  • Tests have proven that TRAXX locomotives have experienced an increase in tractive effort, due to elaborate traction and adhesion control
  • Ability to selectively switch-off traction motors (Ecomode)
  • Last Mile functionality for bridging non-electrified areas
  • The energy consumed is partially fed back via recuperation brake
  • A web-based fleet data toolbox makes operation more efficient
  • Condition-based maintenance and optimized maintenance programs

In a nutshell, the TRAXX locomotives provide both savings and benefits in daily operation.

The choice is yours

Pre-defined options and corridors allow customers to customize the TRAXX 3 locomotive to suit particular operational requirements:

  • Choose pre-defined TRAXX base configuration with Last Mile solution or with the energy measurement system
  • Select under pre-defined corridors
  • Select under pre-defined options such as maximum speed or remote control
  • Additional adaptations like livery are also possible

The result is a flexible variant management and customized homologation, fast delivery and optimized cost.


Limitless transport

The new TRAXX locomotives will cross many borders:

  • All TRAXX MS3 locomotives are homologated for operation in maxi-corridors
  • Regular country configuration extensions are planned
  • We benefit from our experience with our proven TRAXX platform which is homologated in 20 countries

Maxi-corridors for TRAXX locomotives make operation across Europe possible, regardless of borders

At your service

TRAXX locomotives are continually being maintained by our service team:

  • Along the European corridors, 500 technicians in 15 countries work for you 24/7
  • Hundreds of TRAXX locomotives are under maintenance contracts in central Europe
  • We offer condition-based maintenance to ensure the locomotives have the required replacement components before it needs to be repaired 
  • Modular service is also part of the portfolio
  • We take over the maintenance portion from our clients – a responsibility which is compulsory in Europe

We maintain our customers’ locomotives, allowing them to stay focused on their operations and utilize their assets more efficiently.

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Passenger locomotives and coaches

  • Bombardier Transportation delivers locomotives and coaches: Over 500 of our TRAXX and ALP locomotives are operating worldwide in passenger transport and nearly 400 of them are electric locomotives including diesel and dual-power locomotives
  • In summer 2019, RegioJet, a large private Central European rail operator ordered the first TRAXX MS3 locomotives for passenger service
  • Bombardier Transportation has worldwide expertise in combining our locomotives and coaches


Together we move

Locomotive-hauled passenger traffic offers passengers particularly comfortable travel in long-distance service. The TRAXX locomotive and double-deck coach combination, like our TWINDEXX double-deck coach, is very energy- and cost-efficient. Intercity traffic closes the gap between regional and high-speed service while Bombardier connects metropolises and medium-sized cities. Our passenger locomotives operate on electrified lines, but our energy-efficient dual-power locomotives use innovative diesel traction.

Electric, dual-power and diesel locomotives

Electrified TRAXX locomotives operate Europe-wide, and in Israel. They are capable of running under all main European catenaries. In North America the ALP-45 dual-power locomotives bridge gaps with the combination of electric and diesel sources. Additionally, our single and multi-engine diesel locomotive (the latter one known as “whispering locomotive” because of its low noise emissions) operate on non-electrified lines and in rescue service.

Tailor-made and off-the-shelf

The innovative TRAXX platform is easily configurable due to three basic packages, pre-defined corridors and options for speed including 140 km/h, 160 km/h and 200 km/h in the future. A universal bogie for all TRAXX 3 locomotives has been developed for the whole speed range. For passenger service, communication packages are available including a passenger information system displaying train destinations. This means our passenger locomotives are both tailor-made and off-the-shelf mobility solutions.

Bombardier maintenance depot Uelzen

Milestones in maintenance

LNVG’s Bombardier fleet of 37 TRAXX locomotives, 37 TWINDEXX double-deck cab cars and 183 TWINDEXX double-deck coaches boast a 99 per cent fleet availability. These fleets cover more than 130 million train kilometres in Northern Germany. An elaborate infrastructure for maintenance in our depots in Uelzen and Bremervörde makes this possible.

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The innovative TRAXX 3 platform unites Last Mile option, high energy-efficiency, high train-load performance, low maintenance costs and high reliability and availability – among other aspects which are key benefits for operators and leasing companies. More than 2,300 TRAXX locomotives have been sold to date.

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