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(Very) High-speed redefined

The ZEFIRO high-speed (HS) and very high-speed (VHS) train family takes rail transport to the next level in terms of performance and efficiency.

Fast, safe, reliable and comfortable, high-speed and very high-speed trains now rival air travel as an efficient means of transportation for long distances. As a result, infrastructure investments have been made to boost rail travel in various countries around the world.

Bombardier has been a key player in the design and delivery of almost all major European very high-speed trains, in addition to other significant international high-speed projects, with an impressive portfolio of over 20 products worldwide.

The ZEFIRO high-speed train family is the culmination of Bombardier’s long-standing reputation in this market segment. Developed for speeds between 200 and 380 km/h, ZEFIRO trains offer maximum levels of comfort and capacity, low operating costs and diverse application options for different countries and railway networks.

With more than 25 years in the high-speed sector, Bombardier’s experience in rail vehicle engineering is matched by extensive knowledge of all industrial, economical and operational parameters. As an active partner and supplier, Bombardier provides operators with enhanced added value.

A new sense of speed

Capable of speeds up to 380 km/h, the ZEFIRO VHS train is one of the world’s fastest rail vehicles. This is faster than the travelling speed of a peregrine falcon, who can reach up to 320 km/h. This ultra-modern train combines the segment’s highest capacity with pioneering levels of passenger comfort.

True interoperability across borders

ZEFIRO trains are compatible with different power supply, signalling and train control systems. This allows cross-border operation on all AC- and DC-powered lines for true pan-continental interoperability.

Efficiencies of up to 50 per cent

The integration of ECO4 technologies optimizes energy use, minimizes CO2 output and increases economic value.

Economic benefits

ZEFIRO trains maximize revenue generation with their high capacity, low operating costs and ability to seamlessly cross borders and operate at different speeds.

Superior aerodynamic performance

As a world-leading aerospace manufacturer, Bombardier has applied the lessons learned in aerodynamic design in aviation to the ZEFIRO portfolio. The result is better aerodynamic efficiency and overall train performance in terms of speed, safety and noise reduction.

Interior design flexibility

The ZEFIRO family features new advances in interior design, allowing operators to modify layouts to fit fluctuations in rider volume. Luggage capacity and seating configurations are easily altered to address specific requirements.

Bombardier Frecciarossa

Redefining very high-speed

ZEFIRO trains set benchmarks in high performance. As one of the fastest series-production trains, it is also the world’s most eco-friendly and one of the most economical VHS trains. An advanced aerodynamic design that benefits from Bombardier’s aviation expertise ensures that the trains run with an unprecedented degree of energy efficiency. The ZEFIRO trains also feature:

  • Unrivalled flexibility of applications
  • Speeds ranging from 200 to 380 km/h
  • Flexible train length up to 429 m or 16 cars
  • Scalable traction power
  • Interior and exterior noise reduction
  • Automatic train protection (ATP) for the highest levels of safety and flexibility
Bombardier Zefiro in motion sunset

Adapted to local customer needs

The different configurations of the ZEFIRO platform and its scalable traction power optimize operational flexibility. Customers can select key features to suit their specific transportation needs, including:

  • Operating speeds from 200 to 380 km/h
  • Configurations of three to 16 cars
  • Carbody width (UIC or wide-body profile) and height
  • Propulsion system
  • Passenger capacity from 250 to 1,300 seats
  • Power system(s) (1.5 kV DC, 3kV DC, 15 kV AC and 25 kV AC)
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Additional reference projects

In addition to ZEFIRO trains, Bombardier has designed and produced a number of high-speed trains for long-distance rail travel, including one of the world’s fastest trains in China. 

Featured video

The V300ZEFIRO is the first train in Europe based on Bombardier's ZEFIRO high-speed train platform. With a commercial speed of up to 360 kph it is also one of the fastest trains in Europe. In September 2010 Trenitalia ordered 50 V300ZEFIRO trains, which operate in Italy under the name FRECCIAROSSA 1000.