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First choice for reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.

The Services division at Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in providing Operations and Maintenance, Component Repair and Overhaul, Support Services, Asset Life Management and much more to help customers maximise value from their assets. With a truly international customer base from Australia to the U.S., from Sweden to South Africa, Bombardier Transportation continues to be the preferred partner.

Safety remains the number one priority for Bombardier Transportation, who continually focus on not only meeting, but exceeding all appropriate regulatory standards. In parallel to safety, emphasis is placed on asset reliability and availability. Preventative maintenance regimes and prognostic analysis ensures the assets managed by Bombardier Transportation continue to perform to a high standard.

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Material solutions

Clients turn to Bombardier Transportation’s material solutions for a full spectrum of services.

Bombardier Transportation’s material solutions offers a wide range of tailored services from ad hoc parts supply to a fully integrated supply chain solution that meets our clients’ rolling stock requirements. This gives customers access to:

  • Efficient back-office processes and stock on hand in centralized stores worldwide to ensure short delivery times
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality and product assurance
  • Competitive pricing through global sourcing and logistics network
  • The latest product innovations
  • On time delivery

Supply material

Using its international supply chain, Bombardier Transportation can provide material for many different vehicle types, including non-OEM ageing fleets. Supply material includes:

  • Spare parts
  • Comprehensive material supply agreements
  • Material kits
  • Consignment stock
  • Float material

Manage material

Bombardier Transportation can combine material supply with demand planning to improve forecast accuracy, align inventory levels with demand cycles, and improve material availability. This can include availability commitments, inventory planning, logistics and supply chain management, thus, providing a comprehensive management service for all parts-related requirements.

Optimize material

Bombardier Transportation’s continuous improvement program has been developed to optimize the delivery of materials and kits. This integrates with planned demands to ensure that material requirements are met while implementing improved systems and processes.

Lean principles, scheduling agreements with suppliers, and direct-to-depot logistics are some of the means to further improve the cost, quality, delivery and use of the material supply.

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Component repair and overhaul

Component overhaul and repair are vital for rolling stock maintenance.

Overhaul and repair are the basis for reliability, availability, lifecycle costs and the value of the vehicle. Over the life of a vehicle key components will be overhauled at set intervals many times to maintain safe and reliable performance.

Bombardier Transportation can provide a complete service, whether for repair or overhaul, for all components and systems during a vehicle’s lifetime. Bombardier Transportation’s asset knowledge and processes ensure high-quality, consistent results and a strong focus on customer service to keep turnaround times to a minimum.

This service is not limited to components where Bombardier Transportation is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We have extensive product knowledge and engineering support which enables us to extend this service to non-OEM products, including obsolete components.

Examples of components or systems

  • Bogies/trucks
  • Traction equipment
  • Auxiliary power systems
  • Train control systems
  • Pantographs
  • Wheel sets and gearboxes
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Passenger information systems
#Anchor : Asset life management

Asset life management and vehicle modernization

Bombardier Transportation has supported and managed a large number of retrofit projects around the world to modernize, upgrade and overhaul rolling stock.

Retrofit projects focus on improving passenger experience by modernizing the asset with the latest comfort and technology solutions. Overhaul and modernization solutions improve not only the residual value of the assets but also the overall lifecycle cost. Bombardier Transportation also focuses on driving asset energy efficiencies to optimize costs and improve return on investment.

This service is not exclusive to Bombardier Transportations rolling stock. Key modernization, upgrade and overhaul includes:

  • Information systems
  • Saloon layouts, including PRM facilities
  • Lighting, modern LED lighting
  • Luggage storage
  • Cleanliness
  • Security including CCTV
  • Comfort, heating and air conditioning
  • Punctuality
  • Train availability and reliability
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Maintainability
  • Energy saving
  • Obsolescence management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lifecycle cost

Asset life management service scope

Asset life management programmes include the following key packages:

Crash, accident and vandalism repair

  • One-off repair service or framework agreement based on product knowledge, deep engineering skill, footprint, and/or strategic spares holding

Diesel locomotive re-engineering

  • Power upgrade
  • Major intervention on multiple systems to extend life
  • Prototype development to ensure the best solution on old vehicles and possible execution of series by customer using Bombardier Transportation kits of parts

Discrete systems

  • Energy management system: supply and fit, emphasizing ongoing analytical services
  • Passenger information systems
  • Automatic stop-start function of diesel engines
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions
  • Energy savings on existing HVAC systems

Interiors upgrade:

  • Seating layouts to address changing customer needs
  • Interior finishes, environmental and maintenance improvements
  • Full interior upgrade

Hardware and software maintenance

  • Ongoing obsolescence management service ensuring availability of parts and software skills to support aging fleet

Heavy maintenance

  • Multi-system overhaul with partial execution at Bombardier Transportation component repair and overhaul sites
  • Series build may be executed by customers using Bombardier Transportation kits of parts.

Mid-life overhaul and life extension

  • Overhaul of diesel and electrical vehicles, including sub-system upgrades and bodyshell corrosion repairs where appropriate
  • Upgrade proposal in several packages to satisfy requirements on different line and signalling systems, and for different customer needs on cargo and passenger operation
  • Upgrade to align with latest standards

Modernization – life time extension

  • Major intervention on multiple systems to extend life
  • Prototype development to ensure the best solution with advanced technology on old vehicles and possible execution of series by customer using Bombardier Transportation kits of parts

Retrofit – systems exchange and upgrade

  • Single system upgrade including integration in the existing systems and prototype execution

Technical support

  • Technical assistance to identify and set up the best solution based on operational needs and financial return on investment

Traction replacement – electrical vehicles

  • Traction upgrade to insulated gate bi-polar transistor converter; may include upgrade of other system elements such as transformer or motors
  • Prototype development to ensure best solution with advanced technology on old vehicles and possible execution of series by customers using Bombardier Transportation kits of parts

Works execution model

Execution models available include:

  • Full execution of prototype and series production by Bombardier Transportation including design, supply of all materials, production, testing activities and support
  • Supply of material kits and technical support to allow the customer to execute the modernization/upgrade of the remaining fleet
  • Full execution of prototype and series production according to the customer’s design and documentation, including material, production and testing of the modified vehicles
  • Full execution of all work at customer’s facilities
Bombardier Techgnology & Digitalization
#Anchor : Technology and digitalization


Technology and digitalization

Automatic Vehicle Inspection System provides significant advantages in safety and cost.

Bombardier Transportation’s asset information management process integrates proven optical image and laser technology to capture key asset conditions with ORBITA, Bombardier’s state of the art predictive asset management toolset, and the depot’s maintenance management system to deliver seamless automated, intelligent maintenance instructions to a technician.

Traditional use of automated measurement systems tends to result in huge amounts of data being collected with little focus on extracting the knowledge from the data and converting it to actionable information. This results in depots being swamped with data and little effective benefit being brought to improvements in safety or reductions in the cost of maintenance.

Bombardier has proven capability to fully automate safety critical maintenance tasks using automated measurement inputs to prognostically forecast maintenance intervention. The use of AVIS to support delivery of an advanced maintenance strategy can enable improvement in safety, reduction in labour and material consumptions, the release of capacity on depot and a reduced total cost of ownership.

Automated Vehicle Inspection System

Bombardiers’ Automated Vehicle Inspection Service (AVIS) takes millions of current and historical data points from the measurement system and processes these in ORBITA, along with train borne data or data from other sources, and develops targeted alerts to focus on the individual instructions for maintenance. The aggregation of multiple data sources enables complex rules to be developed that cannot be processed manually by a human.


Alerts generated in ORBITA can automatically raise a maintenance action in the maintenance management system (Maximo) so that the correct intervention can be targeted at the optimum time. It is this end to end AVIS process which effectively means the train raises its own work instruction that sets Bombardier apart and allows the crystallization of multiple data points into the individual important actionable items.

Bombardier materials technician
#Anchor : Operations and maintenance

Operations and maintenance

Bombardier Transportation brings experience and technology to bear on ensuring availability, safety and reliability.

Bombardier Transportation provides a range of operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions that includes maintenance, overhauls and operations of various vehicles built by almost every major rolling-stock manufacturer in the transportation business (including locomotives, coaches, electrical multiple units, diesel multiple units, light rail vehicles and automatic people movers).

Bombardier Transportation recognizes the key challenges facing the rail industry, such as ever-increasing passenger loads, aging infrastructure and fleets, and increasing security and safety requirements as well as the demand for technology-driven solutions, and has solutions for even the most complex challenges. Bombardier is a natural choice as strategic partner.

The highest possible fleet and system availability, reliability and safety are crucial for our clients and their customers. To make this happen, Bombardier Transportation’s O&M worldwide team of more than 8,000 highly-skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering O&M products and services that span every function within the rail industry.

Regardless of the problem, Bombardier Transportation O&M has solutions to array of challenges. Current O&M products, services and capabilities that Bombardier provides include:

Fleet maintenance

  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Maintenance activity optimization
  • FRACAS reliability and availability management
  • Asset management system implementation, including management and optimization
  • Asset utilization planning and optimization
  • Labour management and optimization
  • Material JIT, kitting and bundling
  • Technical, contractual, regulatory training program development
  • Application and qualification certification/re-certification
  • Inventory optimization
  • Development of standard operating procedures in line with contractual/regulatory best practices, obligations and expectations
  • Component repair, overhaul, supply and management

Depot/Facilities management

  • Design and delivery of maintenance and regulatory programs
  • Regulatory testing, certification and compliance
  • Maintenance scheduling and planning
  • Depot/facility asset management implementation, management and optimization
  • Development of standard operating procedures in line with contractual/regulatory best practices obligations and expectations
  • Component repair, overhaul, supply and management
  • Automated ticket machine maintenance and repair

Train operations

  • Passenger train operating crew supply, oversight and management
  • Automated train operation management (driverless, closed-loop systems)
  • Train crew and train operating regulatory training program development
  • Application and qualification certification/re-certification
  • Fit for duty, fatigue management and safety program development and management
  • Operating simulator protocols, testing and certification programs
  • System safety program design, development and governance
  • Crew base optimization, validation, scheduling, planning, hiring and training
  • Development of train operations standard procedures
  • Customer service management including training of ambassadors, representatives, call centre operations and management  
  • Freight railway/mixed-traffic operational interface agreements
  • Scheduling and timetable optimization

Infrastructure solutions

  • Main track right-of-way maintenance, testing, repair, design and construction
  • Bridge maintenance, repair, inspection and operation
  • Roadway crossing maintenance, repair, construction
  • Technical, contractual, regulatory training program development
  • Application and qualification certification/re-certification
  • Track maintenance heavy equipment supply, operation, maintenance and repair
  • Development of standard operating procedures in line with contractual/regulatory best practices obligations and expectations

Communication and signalling maintenance

  • Signalling system supply, installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and repair
  • Development of standard operating procedures in line with contractual/regulatory best practices, obligations and expectations
  • Component repair, overhaul, supply and management
  • Dispatch/control centre staffing, operation and management
  • Roadway operation traffic signal control and management

Fleet/System technical support and solutions

  • Obsolescence management
  • Technology solutions
  • Modification/retrofit design, testing and application
  • Risk assessments
  • Engineering support, certification, assessments, case studies and recommendations
  • Warranty support (Bombardier Transportation products and or others)
  • Product and hardware implementation, installation, testing and validation
  • Vendor and supplier identification, selection and recommendation
  • Product safety analysis and verification
  • Development of standard operating procedures in line with contractual/regulatory best practices obligations and expectations
  • Implementation and management of third party products and services
  • Integration of technologies and systems into vehicles, wayside and infrastructure
  • Workflow design, management and optimization
  • Integration and collaboration with key users of right-of-way
  • ISO/IRIS certification and management
Bombardier Support Services
#Anchor : Support services

Support services

Maturing vehicles require ongoing support – Bombardier Transportation provides it.

Bombardier Transportation offers a range of services to support an operator or asset owner in maintaining its fleet and mitigating risks as the vehicle matures. Bombardier Transportation provides these services automatically during the vehicles’ warranty period and as part of any maintenance contract, but also as separate services to operators and asset owners.

Software support

Support solutions for vehicle software:

  • Core system updates – access to the latest software releases and performance improvements
  • Application updates – functionality tailored to changing requirements
  • Upgrade packages – enhanced passenger environment, compliance with legislation changes as well as improved cost of ownership and vehicle marketability


Obsolescence is a key risk for any maintainer or operator and can represent a significant challenge when original equipment manufacturers for hardware or software no longer support their products:  

  • Obsolescence monitoring – early notification for defined hardware
  • Readiness to serve – skills and resources are retained, ready to support hardware and software
  • Obsolescence management – ensuring material continues to be available
  • Lifecycle obsolescence – re-design and re-introduction of replacement hardware and software

Design authority

Asset management of all design aspects, documentation and help to support ISO accreditation:

  • Document control and management
  • Engineering change and updates
  • Risk assessment and approvals
  • Configuration management
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