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Retrofit, renovate and recycle



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Retrofit, renovate, recycle: extending fleet life with smart rail services

Pristine tropical beaches covered with packaging waste. Landfills full of last year’s electronics. Single-use shopping bags choking sea life. We’ve all seen it; our single use take-make-dispose lifestyle is finally catching up with us. But there is hope.  Today we are taking a look at how our smart services solutions and retrofitting programmes are helping cities and operators be more sustainable, by extending the operational lifetime of their fleets. 

Since vehicles form the backbone of any public transport fleet, purchasing new rolling stock is a sure way for operators to guarantee that their fleets are always as modern, clean and efficient as they can be.  

Our Services teams have the know-how to help operators reduce emissions, and squeeze every last drop of reliable service out of their rolling stock investments.

But not every operator hoping to improve the eco-profile of their network can, or needs to, make heavy investments into rolling stocklike Israel Railway’s massive electrification project. That’s why we are equally proud of our Services teams and their ability to breathe new life into ageing fleets, extending their decades-long lifecycle even further and improving their ecological performance.

We do it by working with customers and partners to identify areas where we can leverage our digital services experience and holistic 360 approach to sustainable mobility.  We cut down on waste by restoring hardworking fleets, upgrading outdated propulsion systems and integrating new technology to make fleets last longer and be compatible with new and future technologies.

Eurotunnel shuttles get a mid-life overhaul

In 1994, the Channel Tunnel opened, and for the first time, Eurotunnel underground shuttles connected the UK to mainland Europe by rail. Building the rolling stock for this ambitious cross-channel collaboration was the first project for our French site in Crespin. Composed in total of 254 wagons, each 800-metre long shuttle was designed to transport automobiles and trucks in between the continents, while their drivers and passengers remained safely inside their vehicles during the 35-minute Channel crossing. 

Bombardier designed and built the original Eurotunnel fleet and, in 2019, we were selected to carry out the mid-life overhaul to prepare the wagons for another 30 years of heavy duty.

Since its opening, these shuttles have each travelled an average of 300 round trips per-month and have enabled over 236 million passengers to travel between France and Great Britain in comfort.

After 25 years of sustained reliable operation, the shuttles are due for their mid-life overhaul and in March of 2019, we signed an important retrofit contract with Eurotunnel as part of its 2018-2026 mid-life programme.

For our part, we will renovate 26 wagons on each of the nine shuttles. These will include twelve single-deck carriages for coaches, minibuses, caravans and vehicles over 1.85 metres high, twelve double-deck carriages for cars and motorcycles, and two double-deck loader wagons, in addition to two spare loader wagons. As project technical advisor, Bombardier will lead the integration and renovation operations except for the single-deck loaders and will lead on engineering design and procurement for onboard equipment. 

Re-equipping for eco-performance

Making sure that a fleet is equipped with the latest eco-friendly engine technology can be a never-ending process, but it's still a sustainable mobility goal worth pursuing. Incremental changes can reduce emissions and prolong returns on investment.

As part of the US’s Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement plan, our Services team based in Camden, New Jersey is replacing the Tier I diesel engines in New Jersey Transit’s 20-vehicle River LINE Light Rail fleet with Tier IV compliant engines

The latest in clean diesel technology, Tier IV improves sustainability by lowering energy needs and reducing nitrogen emissions to near zero.

We have been operating and maintaining New Jersey Transit’s River LINE service since it opened in 2004, making us the ideal choice for their retrofit project.

Fast facts: Bombardier global services

15,000 vehicles under maintenance

8,000 employees

618 ongoing services projects in 2019

#1 rail services provider in the US

45+ years' experience maintaining APMs at some of the world's busiest airports

Recyclable by design

Did you know that both our FLEXITY tram and our TRAXX locomotive platform are built with recyclable materials?

At Bombardier, we understand that, as a manufacturer, we also have an important role to play. That's why we strive to incorporate sustainable practices in our vehicle design and production. 

Did you know that our FLEXITY trams are built with recyclable materials? With dissasembly included in their design, over 99 per cent of their construction material comes from recyclable sources while the vehicles themselves are 98 per cent recyclable*.

Visit our Sustainability page to learn more about how our products and services are helping deliver a more sustainable future.

*Following ISO14025