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Beyond1435: the mobility industry’s open innovation platform

Meet Beyond1435. Not just another startup accelerator or the latest incubator, Beyond1435 is the mobility industry’s open innovation platform that enables the leading mobility solution providers to scale far above and beyond their core business. 

Combining of some of the mobility world’s leading players, Bombardier Transportation, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and Swiss Federal Railways, Beyond1435 is an open innovation platform that is shaping the future of mobility and logistics. The platform was founded in 2017 by industry leading companies to join forces in order to co-innovate, build new ventures, and unitedly define the future of mobility & logistics. Beyond1435 is not just another incubator or accelerator. It’s a symbol that stands for leveraging the power of collaboration, innovation and corporate assets to develop tomorrow’s mobility concepts and disruptive technologies - today. 


Beyond1435 is shaping the future of mobility, maintenance and logistics

Smart maintenance - using IoT to optimize maintenance processes

A Beyond1435 smart maintenance proof of concept – optimizing maintenance through IoT and smart wearables by increasing productivity by 5% and reducing cost of poor quality

Beyond1435 is our vehicle

For us at Bombardier Transportation, Beyond1435 is our vehicle for moving past the limitations of traditional rail and taking the lead in delivering the next generation of mobility solutions that will move passengers to, from, and within cities across the globe – smarter, faster and safer.  The name says it all: 1,435mm is the traditional international standard rail gauge. Beyond1435 open innovation platform is how we get to what comes next.

We are convinced that we aren’t talking about the future anymore. The mobility industry has already begun the next big technology innovation cycle, one that is being driven by strategic alliances between globally leading corporations and high-tech innovators.

Pierre Yves Cohen, President, Product Engine Rolling Stock, Product Management & Engineering, Bombardier Transportation, explains why Bombardier has decided to take this step in co-founding this unique innovation platform, “Since co-founding Beyond1435, we have come to appreciate even more the contributions that startups and technology partners can make to our global business. Innovation is at the core of our product development strategy and collaborating with startups will help us maintain our competitive advantage while giving us access to new paths of growth.”

Beyond1435 is Bombardier’s vehicle to scout and identify startups that offer the relevant technologies that address specific mobility needs and the processes behind to deliver these needs. This includes everything from innovating manufacturing and quality control processes and securing networks and operations, to innovating the end-to-end passenger experience and creating new XaaS models. Its all on the table.

The platform enables us to test these proof-of-concepts and continuously assess how the startups’ technological solutions add value to meeting our business goals. The open innovation platform is also an opportunity to develop business opportunities that might have been previously considered out of reach. This empowers us to focus on scaling these proven technologies and identifying new business potentials with corporate partners and industry players.

For more info, email Oz Ural, Strategy & Digitalization, Bombardier Transportation oz.ural@rail.bombardier.com

“Innovation is at the core of our product development strategy and collaborating with startups will help us maintain our competitive advantage.”

At Bombardier Transportation, we recognize that the industry is developing at a speed where innovation is one of the leading factors for disruption. In order to be a driver of change, we have chosen to place ourselves right at the heart of this disruption. This innovation and desire to leverage the latest technology to the benefit of the industry, its customers and its passengers is part of our company’s DNA.