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A new generation of urban transport

Public rail transportation has a major role in solving today’s mobility problems in cities around the world – even in smaller towns like Blackpool in the UK. 

By delivering 16 trams, Bombardier Transportation is contributing to the revitalization of Britain’s most traditional tram system and helping to continuously enhance the city’s attractiveness. We went on a ride there together with Paul Grocott from Blackpool Council and Peter McNeill from the Bombardier team.

The favourite seaside resort on England’s west coast has become the worldwide launch customer for the innovative FLEXITY 2 tram, capable of carrying 74 seated passengers per tram, with additional wheelchair and pushchair space plus standing room.


With a population around 140,000, Blackpool first became England’s quintessential center of tourism in the 1840s when the railway connected it to the booming industrialised region of Northern England

Wider doors and spacious interiors allow a superior passenger experience and higher levels of comfort for passengers with limited mobility

Customised design

The FLEXITY 2 tram can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. The design brings even higher levels of comfort and safety complemented by enhanced facilities for passengers with limited mobility. Spacious interiors, wide doors, air-conditioning and improved passenger information are all features that improve the travel experience.

Environmental excellence

The FLEXITY 2 design is equipped with energy saving technologies from the ECO4 portfolio including the BOMBARDIER MITRAC Energy Saver that reuses energy and provides savings of up to 30%. It also integrates our PRIMOVE contactless inductive power transfer system for wireless, emission-free mobility.

Enhanced safety

New crash performance features and technologies ensure the highest passenger and driver protection. The vehicles meet the strictest collision or fire damage protection standards and include high performance braking that ensures maximum safety in unpredictable road environments. And the tram’s advanced IP-based diagnostics system provides easy access to maintenance and service data as well as system parameters.

Designed for ease of maintenance and maintainability

The FLEXITY 2 tram is also designed to be easy to service and maintain. Coupled with industry-leading reliability this ensures unparalleled levels of operational efficiency throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

Leading-edge technology

The combination of 100% low-floor technology and conventional wheel-set bogies brings several benefits to operators and passengers alike. These include step-free entry and easy access throughout the entire vehicle. It also ensures a low unsuspended mass for the bogie, resulting in reduced vibration and noise. This means a much more comfortable ride for passengers and lower track maintenance costs for the operator.

Blackpool FLEXITY tram

Featured video

Ride the FLEXITY 2 tram with Blackpool City Councilman, Paul Grocott and Peter McNeill from Bombardier Transportation as they discuss how strong collaboration between mobility provider and operator has contributed to the revitalization of Britain’s most traditional tram system.