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Together we move - New York

Every single day, millions of people in the New York metropolitan area use the fast and efficient rail transit network. The rail systems have grown alongside the city over a period of almost two centuries. In order to keep up with the growing city and its equally increasing ridership billions of dollars are being invested to make subway and commuter lines fit for the future: modernisation of infrastructure, replacement of rail cars, customer-friendly technologies, expansion of networks. Having been a partner for more than three decades, Bombardier contributes global experience and innovation to these projects.

Beyond New York, Bombardier Transportation is the leading rail technology provider in the United States:
  • 20 high speed trainsets for the Amtrak Acela Express service (the first and only high speed trains in North America)
  • Hundreds of aluminium BiLevel commuter coaches operating in 11 metropolitan regions, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis
  • A fully automated monorail system in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Nearly 500 stainless steel MultiLevel commuter coaches in New Jersey and Maryland
  • Fully automated transit systems at 14 airports across the country
  • Electric and dual-power locomotives in New Jersey

29.5 billion US$ -

the 2015-2019 investment programme of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York (MTA), North America's largest transportation network.

7 billion people

ride on metro trains from Bombardier every year - in Boston, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, Delhi and Shanghai.

17 million tons of pollutant emissions

per year are avoided by the citizens of New York by not driving a car but travelling by bus and train.


Bringing greater mobility to New Yorkers

Bombardier-built subway cars, commuter rail coaches, locomotives, high speed trains and airport people mover systems transport millions of people safely and reliably in the New York metropolitan region every day.

Built in New York, by New Yorkers

Nearly 4,000 rail vehicles have been built in Bombardier’s rail car manufacturing complex in Plattsburgh, New York. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes as well as a comprehensive testing facility ensure that all vehicles are fully tested for performance and environmental compliance before leaving the site.

The next step for New York

Bombardier’s new R179 subway cars for New York City Transit are designed for energy efficiency, customer comfort and a high level of service reliability.

EMU New York

3,500 rail cars

for subway and commuter trains have been ordered by MTA from Bombardier Transportation since 1982.

32 driverless

INNOVIA vehicles serve John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York along a 13-kilometre-long system that links all terminals and interfaces with New York's regional transit network.


was the year in which Bombardier Transportation entered the U.S. market when it won an order for 36 commuter rail cars for Chicago. Today, Bombardier Inc. employs people in 17 states and the District of Columbia.