Bombardier Transportation UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Rail is vital to our economy and society contributing a total gross value to the economy of £36.4 billion. Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in rail offering a portfolio ranging from complete transport systems to trains and signalling.

Bombardier Transportation UK has its main train design and manufacturing site at Derby, a signalling design and manufacturing site at Plymouth and services operations at a further 31 sites across Britain. We are the only company that designs, manufactures, tests and services trains in the UK, for the UK.

We move Britain, so we must reflect Britain, and the people and communities in which we operate. We are committed to make working at Bombardier inclusive and accessible to all, but today some groups remain significantly under-represented, including women – a problem throughout the wider rail and engineering industry.

Today I am proud to publish our first gender pay report and can confirm that the data within it accurately reflects the Government’s regulatory requirements. Our mean (average) gender pay gap is 2.8%, and our median (middle) gender pay gap is 7%, significantly better than the current national median gap of 18.1%. On both mean and median measures women receive higher bonuses than men. I am determined that we will continue to improve the gender balance, throughout the organisation. We need to attract more women into STEM careers, and subsequently into our business. Access routes are varied: apprenticeship and graduate career opportunities, transition programmes into rail, and job opportunities. We are proud supporters of Women in Rail, Women into Transportation and the Year of Engineering.

We should take this opportunity to celebrate the progress we have made on the gender pay gap, and focus on what we need to do next as a company, driving positive culture change and an inclusive working environment.

- Richard Hunter, Managing Director, Bombardier Transportation UK and Bernadette Westmoreland, Head of Human Resources, Bombardier Transportation UK

You can read the full Bombardier Transportation UK Gender Pay Gap 2017 report here.

Will Tanner

Media Relations