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A view of London's downtown core by night



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We move cities - London

All around the world, the mega-cities are growing. For example, London today counts over eight million inhabitants. In 20 years, it is expected to be ten million. Providing inhabitants of major cities with attractive and sustainable mobility is a key task for the future. To this end, London is increasing its focus on public transport and continuing to upgrade, expand and modernise its rail transit network. Bombardier Transportation is a partner in this endeavour, providing customised solutions and innovative rail technologies. This will help to safeguard prosperity and employment both within London and the wider UK

A passenger riding the London Underground, London's iconic metro system


From trams to intercity trains, 2,800 rail vehicles were delivered by Bombardier between 2009 and 2018 to the transport companies operating in the British capital


In 2003, the congestion charge was introduced in London. This toll significantly reduces individual transport by car in the city and makes public transit a preferred option.


Thanks to Crossrail, there is 10 percent more rail traffic in Greater London. This will reduce pollution and congestion, and provide new and comfortable travel options.

Short profile

From 2009 until 2018, Bombardier Transportation delivers ca. 2,800 rail cars for London’s rail systems:

Products - Areas of use

  • AVENTRA electric multiple unit - Crossrail from 2017, London Overground (LOtrain project and further routes from 2017)
  • ELECTROSTAR electric multiple unit - London Overground, Govia Thameslink Railway, Southern
  • MOVIA metro - London Underground, on five underground lines
  • FLEXITY LRV & tram - Dockland Rail and Croydon Tramlink
  • INNOVIA people mover - London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports
London's iconic metro system: the London Underground, also known as the Tube


21 kilometres will be travelled by London's Crossrail from 2017, largely in tunnels, in an east-west direction. 24 trains per hour will be able to carry up to 200 million passengers per year.


1,395 MOVIA S stock carriages for 191 Tube trains - this is the largest rail contract to date for Bombardier Transportion in the United Kingdom, in this case for the modernisation of several metro lines.


was the year when London Underground turned 150. Every year, more than 1 billion people journey on one of the world's oldest and busiest metro systems.


Plus points for commuters

London is further expanding its rail networks with new routes. In many cases, they will be linked with existing old lined to create an optimised network. This will provice improved connections for hundrers of thousands of commuters.

Nest generation of trains

New treinas on all routes: high tech for more travel comfort and communication, high security and reliability, more capacity thanks to frequent services and better internal design, high energy efficiency, low maintenance costs.

Clear economic benefits

The new trains are built at Bombardier in Derby: top quality made in Britain. The same is true for the maintenance of rail vehicles at the Bombardier sites. This will safeguard hundreds of highly skilled jobs for many years to come.