Local endorsement to health, safety and environment policy


In support of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy of Bombardier Inc, our site commits to continuously improve its HSE performance. Based on the site's activities and associated HSE impacts, we pledge to support Bombardier's vision to be a leader in the HSE preventive culture.

HSE preventive culture

As leaders, we are dedicated to deploy our HSE preventive culture, striving to achieve zero accidents, protect the environment, and focus on attaining and maintaining world-class standards in HSE, everywhere we operate in the world. It is our responsibility to show leadership in all aspects of HSE and visibly demonstrate our commitment through our everyday actions.

The HSE policy reflects our values and underlines key commitments. We expect everyone at Bombardier across all levels of the organization to adopt and practice them at all times.

Bombardier Transportation 2019 goals and targets 

  • Incident rate: Achieve 0.3 by year end
  • Active and focused safety tours by management: Perform 1,350 safety tours monthly to achieve 16,200 by year end.
  • Control of risks: 100% of risk assessment reviewed vs planned in 2019 at Bombardier Transportation level.
  • Near miss management: 100% fully investigated near miss events in GRACIS
  • Energy consumption (absolute): less than or equal to 2018 energy consumption.

Site 2019 goals, targets and requirements

  • Incident rate: Achieve 0.3 by year end
  • Active and focused safety tours by management: Perform 29 safety tours monthly to achieve 290 by year end.
  • Control of risks: 100% of risk assessments reviewed vs planned
  • Near miss management: 100% fully investigated near miss events in GRACIS
  • 8 hours of HSE training per employee: 5500 hours/year
  • Dangerous situation / near miss reporting / per employee: 3/employee
  • Closure of dangerous situation/near miss reporting: 95%
  • Energy consumption (absolute): 11520 MVh

All supervisors have the responsibility to ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained in their assigned work area, which includes visitors and contractors.

All employees will perform their jobs savely in accordance with legislative reauireemnts and our Safe Work Procedures/Practices and where hazards exist. STOP. THINK.ACT.

Local endorsement

The activities at our site include: Production of bogie frames for many railway vehicles. 

On behalf of our site leadership team, I encourage you to personally commit to the values and commitments of the Corporate HSE Policy and to our site's HSE Endorsement. 

Dominiek Laveyne, Site General Manager