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Mechatronics engineer

Duration of studies: 3,5 years; early completion possible

Site: Bautzen


Course content:

  • Assembly of subassemblies and components for mechatronics plants and systems
  • Installation of electrical assemblies and components
  • Construction of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic controls
  • Programming of mechatronic systems
  • Installation and disassembly of machines and systems
  • Commissioning and operation of mechatronic systems
  • Controlling and Evaluating of results and applying of quality management systems

Areas of applications:

  • Pre-assembly and final assembly
  • Testing area


  • Certificate of secondary education, general or subject-linked university level qualification (Abitur)
  • Good achievements in mathematics, physics and informatics
  • Understanding of technical and physical matters, logical thinking and spatial imagination
  • Good social and practical competence, reliability, teamplayer

Training locations:

  • Bombardier Transportation Bautzen
  • BSZ Weißwasser or BSZ ET Dresden (only in exceptional cases)



Elisa Stübner

Bautzen - Training and internship

Bombardier Transportation

Fabrikstr. 41

02625 Bautzen

Application instructions:

  • Please apply via our application form.
  • Your application should include a cover letter, CV with photo and the last reference.