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We move cities - Shanghai

Shanghai embodies the future like no other metropolis in the People’s Republic of China. The glittering, heavenwards-striving architecture of the business district of Pudong stands in striking contrast to the Bund and its stone testimonies of long past colonial times. They give Shanghai an innate flair and a very special charm.

The city serves as the country’s international business and financial centre, accessible via two airports and high-speed train systems that provide connections to the capital of Beijing and the other hubs of this vast empire.

Buzzing metropolis Neon signs on Nanjing Road, Shanghai's main shopping district and one of the world's busiest shopping streets.
« A forward-looking local and regional policy has created one of the world’s largest public transport systems.»

Shanghai itself is equipped with a highly developed transport infrastructure that serves the mobility needs of a rapidly growing population whilst having to overcome the growing environmental challenges posed by traffic. A forward-looking local and regional policy has created one of the world’s largest public transport systems. The city’s extensive and high quality metro system represents the mobility backbone of the mega-metropolis on the delta of the Yangtze River.

Bombardier products are widely used in more than 30 Chinese cities.
High quality metro system 10 million passengers use the public transport system on an average working day.
14 metro lines connect the people of Shanghai and the flow of international tourists, with well over 300 stations and a nearly 600-kilometre-long network.

Since the realisation of the first two lines, Bombardier Transportation has played a multi-faceted role in the progressive establishment of this system – with modern, energy-efficient, comfortable MOVIAvehicles, advanced MITRAC propulsion system, and long-term commitment to servicing and maintenance. And now, in a first for the network, Metro Line 8 Phase 3 Project will feature the innovative automated INNOVIA APM train system that permits an interval between trains of as little as 60 seconds, while driverless operation significantly reduces life cycle costs.

BOMBARDIER MOVIA Metro Today, more than 1206 MOVIA cars run on various Shanghai metro lines, all the propulsion and auxiliary system of the train cars are supplied by BCP, one of Bombardier’s joint ventures in China

Beyond Shanghai, Bombardier has been a key driver in the introduction of sustainable mobility solutions in numerous Chinese cities – particularly in the field of metro systems. Throughout, Bombardier serves as a reliable partner for developing passenger-centred, environmentally friendly and climate-neutral public mass transit in the major cities.

1999 was the year when Bombardier Transportation started its activities in China. Since then, the company has been actively and substantially involved in the development and expansion of urban mass transportation and the railway system. Today, this includes six joint ventures and seven wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOE).

Short profile

  • Bombardier Transportation has been active in China since 1999 and has played an active and crucial role in the economic boom through the development of a high-performance and environmentally sound transport infrastructure.
  • The delivery of more than 3,000 high-speed trains and 2,000 metro vehicles – all from national manufacturing sites – serves as an impressive record, as does the development of highly advanced fleet maintenance systems.
  • Joint research and development know-how in the area of rail transport by highly skilled Bombardier staff and Chinese engineers is now firmly and successfully established. This expertise was the basis for the development by Bombardier’s joint venture in Qingdao of the train system used for the highland train of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.


Just a few steps

… to the nearest Metro station: For the majority of inhabitants of Shanghai, the next stop will be no further than 600 meters walking distance.

Safe, fast, fully, automated

This year, for the extension of Shanghai Metro Line 8, Bombardier will be delivering the driverless INNOVIA APM 300 people mover system, which enables high-frequency operations, safely controlled throughout by Bombardier’s highly efficient CITYFLO650 signalling system.

Economical and quiet as can be

With its rubber-tired wheels, the INNOVIA APM 300 runs particularly quietly and comfortably. The lightweight construction of the passenger cars reduces energy consumption, while the special cabin design reduces maintenance costs.