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Services excellence ensures a stellar availability rating as Polish rail responds to COVID-19

As the world slowly gets used to the realities of a COVID-19 workplace, some of us are getting a better appreciation of the effort required by today’s new normal. Last month, we talked about how our versatile and innovative BOMBARDIER TRAXX locomotive platform has been keeping essential supplies moving during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and in Poland our dedicated Services team and innovative solutions are also ensuring the safe and consistent movement of goods and passengers  – even in tough times such as these. 

An important region adapts

The Mazovian Voivodship in central Poland is home to the country’s capital as well as being the nation's largest, most densely populated and most economically  prosperous province. Mazovia’s bustling commercial activity and varied cultural sites make it a hub, but also make it more vulnerable to the spread and effects of the COVID-19 virus on its day-to-day passenger operations. As the world adapts to new ways of work and travel, for many, work continues. 

Bombardier Services technicians carry out wheelset replacement to ensure the daily availability of Koleje Mazowieckie's TWINDEXX coaches.

Every day in Mazovia close collaboration between Bombardier Transportation and local transport operator Koleje Mazowieckie makes sure that passengers in the region have a safe and smooth journey on their TWINDEXX double-deck trains.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made maintaining a near-perfect availability rating a challenge, but not impossible. Bombardier has been in charge of the maintenance of Koleje Mazowieckie’s entire fleet of Bombardier-made vehicles since 2011 and has ensured an availability rating near 100 percent.


“I am extremely proud of the work our local Services team has done. They have capably and effectively adapted to the national and corporate COVID-19 precautions, while maintaining a high level of safety in their group and continuity of maintenance services under difficult circumstances."
Andrzej Rębacz, Vice President of the Management Board, Bombardier Transportation Poland

Regional reliability

The push-pull trains that are moving Mazovia are a blend of TRAXX P160DC class E583 locomotives and TWINDEXX double-deck coaches, the combination is a great choice for lines with high passenger volumes. The setup is also helping Poland maintain social distancing while travelling, the TWINDEXX coachs’ spacious interior providse improved passenger comfort and space when compared to the traditional electric multiple units. Currently in operation connecting Warsaw to more remote towns like Radom, Działdowo or Łuków, the fleet’s near perfect availability rate has been the key to providing fast and reliable commutes across the region.  


Under a previous project, Bombardier technicians upgraded Koleje Mazowieckie’s TWINDEXX coaches to include a passenger installation system and front-facing cameras.

Bombardier Transportation has been providing maintenance services for Koleje Mazowieckie’s fleet of TRAXX locomotives and
TWINDEXX double-deck coaches since 2011. 

The entire TRAXX locomotive platform is designed to offer flexible operations for passengers and freight. In addition, all the locomotive carbodies for this project come from Bombardier’s site in Wroclaw, Poland. 

As part of our services excellence, one of the local team’s first challenges was creating and implementing an efficient process for quickly identifying maintenance needs to keep up the network’s daily near-perfect availability. 

Strong services for a key market

The 2011 services contract was the first significant project for Bombardier maintenance teams in Poland and the work included 50 per cent participation by Koleje Mazowieckie’s staff. Their initial success led to greater cooperation and another contract extended the service to 2019, which covered a number of modifications to the double-deck trains, including changes in the passenger information system and installation of additional front cameras. Recently, teams also completed the routine P4-level repairs for the TWINDEXX double-deck coaches and the TRAXX locomotives, enabling continued safe and smooth travel for Koleje Mazowieckie's passengers.