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Together we move - your strategic mobility partner


The challenge

Our world is in constant movement. Each year the population reaches another peak while more and more people migrate to find opportunity in urban areas. Across the globe new megacities emerge while the growth of existing cities shows no sign of slowing down. Demographics are inconstant flux too and megatrends like digitalization and automation are changing the way we work and live. A permanent solution to our climate change dilemma continues to elude us. What will our daily commute look like in fifty years, in one hundred? How will nations, cities and societies manage this dizzying array of changes while providing mobility and inclusivity for their people?

Together we move

Creating reliable, safe, and sustainable transport that is available to everyone in a world of urban growth and digital change is one of the main challenges of our time. No actor will be able to solve it alone. Our company slogan Together We Move captures the theme of our approach. At Bombardier, we don’t simply build vehicles, we build long-lasting relationships. By acting as a strategic mobility partner, we create holistic, high-quality mobility solutions that anticipate the needs of tomorrow and maximize value for our customers and their  passengers today. We achieve this by combining our deep industry experience, technological expertise and performance with a genuine empathy for people. This vision serves as our guide to working alongside our partners to make safe and ecofriendly mobility a reality for everyone across the globe, helping cities grow and developing economies. We never stop moving to keep others in motion.


Solutions across the value chain

As a global leader in rail technology, we provide a full-scale business model that includes infrastructure and signalling, components, rolling stock, system integration and services. Also civil works and financing through our strategic alliance and partners. This way we offer the most comprehensive, innovative and forward-thinking mobility solutions that take into account our entire value chain. This is giving us a significant competitive advantage and customers an end-to-end solution.

INNOVIA Monorail system for greenfield cities

INNOVIA Monorail system for greenfield cities

The numbers

We have been a close strategic partner to over 200 cities around the world. From the blossoming suburbs to established megacities, we have over 100,000 cars in service that together move over 500 million passengers on around 70,000 km of track, every day. With over 60 engineering and production sites in 27 countries, Bombardier transportation has been using its entrepreneurial spirit since 1942 to solve mobility challenges – today and in the future.

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Corporate video

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