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Rail transport providers worldwide have seen a dramatic decline in passenger numbers since the COVID-19 outbreak at the end of 2019. As the virus disrupted lives everywhere, transport operators suffered far-reaching financial impacts. Months later, in the middle of 2020, commuters began emerging from lockdowns, resuming daily life and returning to work. In order to get the global economy and local communities moving again, it is essential that passengers feel safe and protected from coronavirus when taking the train.


Bombardier Transportation’s response to the global COVID-19 crisis 

At Bombardier Transportation, nothing is more important than safety. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this world-spanning crisis. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, we are taking decisive action to protect our employees, customers, partners and their families against the global pandemic. 

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Innovating solutions for safe and healthy rail travel

Restoring trust in rail mobility is essential to stimulating economic growth again, while protecting the environment. Passengers must feel safe returning to public transport in order to avoid switching to other transport modes that are less eco-friendly.

That’s why we are providing new and extended solutions that reduce opportunities for the virus to spread, while maintaining the reliability and availability of our trains.

#Anchor : Employee safety

Key measures for a safe workplace

Protecting and mitigating the effects of the pandemic on our employees and their families around the world is our top priority. This ensures that we can return to work safely and maintain our commitments to our customers while delivering safe, responsible and continuous passenger service. Immediately following the COVID-19 outbreak, we assembled a global COVID-19 Corporate Task Force to closely monitor the development of the virus, and to asses and mitigate the effect on our operations. We communicate regularly with our employees, suppliers and customers on ways to best meet this global challenge together. 

Implemented strict global travel restrictions to limit the virus’ spread

Instituted a company-wide mobile working concept for office staff – in alignment with all local regulations

Optimized driving

Created local Emergency Committees with a direct line of communications to a single global COVID-19 Corporate Task Force

FLEXX Eco bogie

Significantly increased the frequency and scope of our cleaning and disinfecting measures across all our sites as well as encouraged handwashing and the use of disinfectants

Followed local governmental guidelines or directives and temporarily suspended production at relevant sites in addition to adjusting shift distribution on shop floors to enforce social distancing policies

Face covering

Mandated the use of face masks at all our sites and implemented regular temperature checks in line with local legislation

#Anchor : Supporting our communities

Supporting local communities during the crisis

Even as a global organization, we always act locally to grow roots and give back to the communities where we operate. In times of crisis, our commitment to people is stronger than ever. As a company, but also as individuals, we are sharing information and donating time and resources in an effort to mitigate the virus’ impact on local and regional communities.

Here are some of the extraordinary things our employees have done to support local communities around the globe:

Featured video

14 Apr 2020 Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have tried to follow three important principles: to protect all our employees from COVID-19, to support the government's efforts to tackle the virus and ensure sustainable business continuity.

As a result, we paused our operations at our Derby, Crewe and Ilford sites to introduce new COVID-19 measures to provide a safer and more sustainable work environment.

This week we're re-starting our operations at these UK sites. Watch Matt Byrne, our UK & Ireland President, explain how we're protecting our people from COVID-19.

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1 Apr 2020 Gina Trombley, our VP of Services for the Americas, shares a video message recognizing the 3,000 Bombardier operations and maintenance #services employees and all transit workers across the U.S. and Canada who are keeping the region moving during the #coronavirus pandemic.