Bombardier INNOVIA APM 300


Leading solution for urban and airport transit

The INNOVIA APM 300 system embodies the evolution of successful and dependable transit operations over many years. These systems operate on dedicated guideways and are characterized by exceptional route flexibility, outstanding availability and high efficiency in terms of passenger capacity, energy consumption and land use.

The INNOVIA APM 300 system is a driverless transportation system specially designed to serve airports and dense urban areas. It offers quick, comfortable and convenient service for commuters within cities, to and from airports or between airport terminals. INNOVIA APM 300 cars operate on a dedicated guideway underground, on ground level or elevated. This ensures a consistent service that does not interfere with surrounding road or runway traffic. Built on more than 45-years of successful and dependable operation, INNOVIA APM 300 systems incorporate modern aesthetics and advanced subsystems for optimized functionality. Over 30 of Bombardier’s APM systems have been delivered around the world, and are in operation at nine of the world’s busiest airports. 

The latest evolution of proven technology

  • Smooth ride quality and minimized interior and exterior noise
  • Easy integration, even around existing infrastructure
  • An unprecedented track record in performance and safety
  • Low overall capital costs
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Spacious and highly accessible vehicles
  • Intelligent power management for increased energy efficiency


Bombardier INNOVIA APM 300 Airport

World-leading performance

From London to Guangzhou, Phoenix to Dubai, our rubber-tired APM systems transport thousands of passengers reliably, quickly and safely every day. Bombardier is recognized as a world leader in this segment, with our APM technology offering:

  • Efficient service designed to carry up to 43,000 passengers per hour per direction
  • Exceptional route flexibility allowing for tight curves (22 m) and steep grades (10 per cent)
  • Speeds of up to 80 km/h
  • Industry-leading system availability levels of more than 99.8 per cent
  • Headways as short as 90 seconds
  • Flexible vehicle configurations of one-car to six-car trains
Bombardier INNOVIA APM 300 train station

Integrated solution for cities and airports

INNOVIA APM 300 systems operate on dedicated guideways. The versatility of INNOVIA technology means the system can easily be implemented in both greenfield and brownfield sites. System layouts can be adjusted to existing facilities, site terrain, elevation requirements, predicted passenger traffic and budget.

Stations can be located anywhere along the guideway route, and even integrated directly into buildings. System expansions, including route extensions, additional trains and stations, can be completed with minimal or no disruption to revenue service.

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Our versatile portfolio of INNOVIA fully automated, driverless transit system solutions includes automated metros and automated monorails, automated people movers. These systems combine reliable performance and overall operating flexibility with highly efficient passenger capacity, energy consumption and land use − all crucial factors to operating authorities worldwide.