Bombardier INNOVIA monorail


INNOVIA monorail system – mass transit capabilities with iconic aesthetics

From dense inner-city routes to airport links, monorails transform urban areas. Fast and cost-effective to build, the driverless INNOVIA monorail 300 system offers comfortable mass-transit capacity with iconic aesthetics. Sleek vehicles run on slender guidebeams, seamlessly integrated into urban environments.

The INNOVIA monorail 300 system provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for growing cities. Quiet vehicles wind their way through existing infrastructure on elevated guideways. The guideway structure is built off-site to permit fast assembly with minimal disruption on-site. Thanks to its advanced features, such as CITYFLO mass transit rail control solution for driverless operation and regenerative breaking, the monorail system is extremely efficient to operate. Service is frequent, reliable and safe, meaning more passengers and more revenue for cities.

Smart mobility for a new urban future

INNOVIA monorail 300 systems offer:

  • Fast construction time
  • Iconic aesthetics
  • Capacity for more than 40,000 passengers per hour, per direction
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Efficient operation
  • Frequent, reliable and safe service
Bombardier INNOVIA monorail 300 Las Vegas

Flagship performance in monorail systems

INNOVIA monorail 300 systems feature:

  • Rubber tires for minimized noise and a smooth journey
  • Short headways for superior passenger service
  • Speeds of up to 80 km/h
  • Advanced communication technology for enhanced reliability
  • Intelligent power management for increased energy efficiency
  • Capability to handle sharp curves (46 m radii) and steep grades (6 per cent)
Bombardier INNOVIA monorail 300 interior

Uncompromised aesthetics and comfort

Constructed from extruded aluminum panels, the INNOVIA monorail 300 vehicle body shell is lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant and recyclable. Its low height gives the vehicle a dynamic, sleek look and ensures a smoother ride around curves.

Spacious interiors with flexible seating arrangements combine comfort with mass transit capability. All vehicles are accessible for passengers with disabilities while inter-car walk-through enables free passenger flow and enhances passenger safety.

Bombardier Monorail System integration

One-stop solution provider

As a complete system provider, Bombardier efficiently and effectively manages complex transportation system projects with multiple suppliers and partners – we are your one-stop provider.

The INNOVIA monorail 300 system is designed to minimize the costs and disruptions of construction. The guideway structure is built off-site and can be quickly assembled on-site.

Bombardier Services teams have 50 years of experience in managing systems. They provide unrivalled support in maintaining fleet safety, availability, performance and reliability.

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Our versatile portfolio of INNOVIA fully automated, driverless transit system solutions includes automated metros, automated monorails and automated people movers. These systems combine reliable performance and overall operating flexibility with highly efficient passenger capacity, energy consumption and land use − all crucial factors to operating authorities worldwide.

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