MOVIA metros – flexible solutions for growing cities

As a leading metro solutions provider, we’re shaping the future of mass transit and daily commutes. Our high-tech, highly efficient MOVIA metros deliver rapid, reliable and cost-effective transport solutions around the globe.

Congestion, budget constraints, and connectivity are major challenges facing growing cities today. Metros are one of the most efficient means of moving high volumes of people safely, conveniently and cost-effectively to their destinations.

From London to Delhi, New York to Shanghai, MOVIA metros move more than seven billion passengers every year. MOVIA metros are renowned over the world for their operational reliability, appealing design and enhanced safety features – everything that makes a metro an attractive mode of transport.

As part of a new or existing network, fully automated or with a driver, the MOVIA metro family’s modular approach ensures the right solution for each customer.

  • Bombardier has delivered its MOVIA metro solution to more than 40 cities worldwide, representing some 4,700 cars.
  • 775 MOVIA metro vehicles to San Francisco
  • 300 MOVIA metro vehicles to New York
  • 1,771 MOVIA metro vehicles to London Underground
  • 276 fully automated MOVIA metro vehicles for the Singapore Downtown Line
  • 776 MOVIA metro vehicles for the Delhi Metro

Best cost per passenger transported

Optimized for the lifecycle costs of the product, with a fully integrated system design and minimized civil cost impact.

High flexibility and scalability

The flexible design of the train allows for increased passenger volumes in the future. Configurations range from two to 12 cars, carrying 800 to 5,000 passengers per train.

Customizable exterior design and interior layouts ensure operators can showcase their brands.

Proven technology

Our selection of standardized systems and components enhances all aspects of performance, from shorter lead times to high availability and low operating costs.

Maximum reliability and easy maintenance

Each component ensures maximum reliability and ease of maintenance throughout the lifetime of the train, with:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Optimized performance
  • Up to 95 per cent recyclability
MOVIA London Underground

Driving mobility in growing cities

MOVIA metros fully integrate Bombardier’s proven sub-systems to maximize performance, including low weight, FLEXX Metro bogies which provide low lifecycle costs, and CITYFLO 650 technology, providing track to train communication via state-of-the-art wireless technology.

The metros can move 120,000 passengers per hour, per direction. Passenger flow is optimized through wide door openings (up to 1.6 m), with up to eight doors per car. For increased passenger safety, the metros feature end detrainment doors for rapid evacuation from train to track.