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Clean. Quiet. Electric. – Moving with battery power

An increasing number of railway companies and governments are seeking clean alternatives to diesel traction. Bombardier’s battery technology is the perfect solution for electromobility on non-electrified lines, replacing diesel trains with battery-powered vehicles.

Bombardier’s MITRAC Pulse traction batteries are an innovative solution for environmentally friendly mobility and can be applied to various trains, from APMs, to commuter and regional, to high-speed. With battery technology, trains can operate catenary-free for distances up to 100 kilometres.

One of our earliest battery projects was for the Chinese city of Nanjing in 2013. In partnership with one of our Chinese joint ventures, we won a contract to deliver 15 catenary-free low-floor trams. With our MITRAC traction batteries, Nanjing’s trams can operate without overhead cables on 90 percent of its lines, re-charging seamlessly during regular passenger operation.

Our most recent battery project is the TALENT 3 battery-electric multiple unit (BEMU), the first modern regional battery-powered train to enter passenger service in Europe. The battery train is emission-free and sets the standards for smart mobility, with a highly efficient propulsion system and a high degree of recyclability.

The TALENT 3 BEMU won the Brandenburg innovation award in November 2018 for its contribution towards environmentally-friendly mobility.

Low total cost of ownership

According to an independent comparative study by project partners Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) and Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden), our TALENT 3 battery train is the most cost-effective and CO2-free alternative to diesel trains in terms of total cost of ownership over the entire 30-year service life.

Fast and easy charging

MITRAC traction batteries can be charged under the overhead catenary, when driving or at stations, or by using recovered braking energy. 


With the use of electricity and battery power, there is no need for diesel engines, reducing CO2, NOx and particle emissions. With 100% green energy, our battery trains are 100% emission-free.

Shorter travel times

Battery-power allows trains to access areas that are prohibited for diesel trains, including tunnels and city-centres. When onboard diesel trains, passengers need to switch to an electric train if they want to travel to cities where diesel trains have been banned. With battery trains, passengers enjoy direct connections, reducing journey times.

Low noise

Due to absence of a diesel engine, noise emissions are reduced, creating a more comfortable journey for passengers and minimizing noise disruption for people living near the train tracks.

Reduced infrastructure costs

With battery operation, costly electrification infrastructure is not required. Existing non-electrified routes are accessible, while reducing the carbon footprint and saving the environment.

Quick re-conversion

If the route is electrified in the future, our battery trains can run as is, or they can easily be re-converted into standard electric trains.

BOMBARDIER battery-powered TALENT 3 EMU

Battery-powered for eco-friendly operation 

Battery-powered trains are far cleaner than their diesel counterparts. Our battery technology can help transit authorities and government bodies meet environmental commitments while delivering a green mobility solution that is sustainable for generations to come. If the electricity is generated by renewable energy sources such as hydro-, wind- or solar-power, battery-powered solutions can operate 100 per cent emission-free. 

MITRAC battery Bombardier

Super-fast charging

Our battery-electric trains recharge quickly. The high-performance lithium-ion batteries can be charged through:

  • Overhead lines and overhead line islands
  • Recuperation during braking while travelling on sections without overhead lines

Featured video

Here you go! Check out how Bombardier has turned an electric train into a battery-electric train that will be the first battery train to enter passenger operation in Europe in +60 years. The smart battery system charges in just 7-10 minutes while driving; a true eco-friendly alternative to high-emission diesel trains.

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