Bombardier OPTIFLO visualization


OPTIFLO service solution

OPTIFLO – A comprehensive set of rail control service solutions tailored to address the challenges faced by railway infrastructure owners and operators.

While CITYFLOINTERFLO and Onboard product families ensure excellent performance to deliver the needed capacity, OPTIFLO service solutions are designed to maintain the performance throughout the life cycle.

Combining the experience Bombardier has gained throughout decades of modernizing and maintaining signalling systems with the possibilities enabled by digitalization and data analytics allowed us to create a comprehensive suite of service modules tailored to address the challenges faced by railway infrastructure owners and operators.



To ensure customers maximize value from their rail control solution, Bombardier provides a range of training courses and certifications.

  • Tailormade training plans for customer’s staff
  • Training delivered online or in customer premises
  • Provide certification and re-training

Help desk

The help desk serves as the communication channel between the customer and the Bombardier service team and acts as the first point of contact in all cases of emergencies, incidents, maintenance support, service support, spare parts and general queries and requests.

  • Single point of contact
  • Provide initial support for enquiries and incidents
  • Ticketing, tracking and handling of enquiries and incidents


Utilizing the global footprint and supply chain partners allows Bombardier to provide an efficient and cost-effective repair service.

  • Repairable/replaceable component list with set prices and lead times
  • Repair failed components throughout the contract duration
  • Exchange/repair service

Spare parts

Maintaining high system availability levels requires access to a reliable spare parts service. With published price lists for popular products and full traceability for spares deliveries, customers can make informed decisions relating to stock management.

  • Spare price list – guaranteed prices, part availability and delivery time
  • Managed spare part stocks
  • Spare part storage and transportation

Technical support

A complete tailor-made service to support our customers with the operation and maintenance of their signalling system. From maintenance technicians in the field providing daily support, to offsite experts providing remote advice and guidance across all technical areas. Our highly skilled maintenance personnel work closely with our customers, becoming experts in their installations to maximize the performance and life span of the signalling assets.

  • Remote and on-site expert support
  • Root cause analysis and problem resolution
  • Maintenance planning, support and execution

Availability enhancement

Bombardier’s Availability enhancement service harnesses performance and diagnostic data to drive continuous improvements in availability, reliability and efficiency of maintenance activities. 

We provide the hardware and software to capture and analyze data from signalling assets including Bombardier's INTERFLO and CITYFLO solutions as well as third party products and systems.

  • Set up and configuration of Maintenance and Diagnostic Centre (MDC), data collection
  • Real time asset condition monitoring for optimized maintenance regime
  • In-depth data analysis for identification of patterns, correlations and hidden failures
  • Work in collaboration with operational and maintenance staff to develop and refine predictive algorithms to drive continuous system performance

Asset & configuration management

Our standard asset management process is designed to help our customers track, manage the status and maintain control of their assets.

Bombardier provides asset and configuration management services to ensure all changes to the system are recorded, at all times. Our service technicians create the virtual representation of the customer’s installed base. Through monitoring the status of assets, their maintenance history, spare parts utilization and other metadata, our technicians update the asset registry to ensure the asset information in Maximo is up to date and accurate.

  • Construct installed asset database in Maximo
  • Maintain configuration and asset data
  • Drive life cycle cost reductions

Modifications & alterations

Upgrades to the installed systems and products, to increase functionality, retain compliance with changing regulations and extend the operational life.

  • Modernize installed systems and deliver system modifications and expansions
  • Deliver functional upgrades
  • Document implemented changes
  • Provide additional training

Obsolescence management

Obsolescence is a significant challenge for the railway signalling industry. Customers invest in solutions that are expected to have a service life of up to 40 years with high levels of availability and low maintenance costs.

Bombardier’s obsolescence management service is designed to proactively manage the obsolescence risk for our customers.

  • Obsolescence analysis and reporting
  • Proactive obsolescence management
  • Secure system competence and knowledge

Cyber security management

Bombardier’s cyber security assessment and solutions service is designed to proactively manage the cyber risk for our customers ensuring the highest levels of safety, system availability and reliability. This is achieved by focusing on four main security objectives:

  • Threat Identification; reviewing the signaling system network design, interfaces and assets for weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities
  • Intrusion Detection; monitoring, detecting and reporting malicious intrusions to the rail systems
  • Cyber Protection; hardening of signaling products and communication network equipment
  • System Response/Recovery; on-time and adequate response to cyber attacks

To meet these objectives, Bombardier experts provide respective services utilising advanced tools and following relevant industry standards (NiST 800-30, ISO 27001 and ISO 27002).

OPTIFLO Modifications and Alterations

Performance maintained throughout the life cycle

At Bombardier, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and see things from their perspective.

With OPTIFLO, we apply remote condition monitoring, data analytics and proven asset management tools to fully utilize our product expertise while providing support throughout the life cycle of delivered systems.

This enables us to optimise the maintenance regime in order to maximise performance and minimise the life cycle cost.

Optimized maintenance regime

As railway infrastructures increase in size and complexity, ensuring effective maintenance becomes more demanding, requiring familiarity with a significant number of systems, tools, procedures and documents.

Providing availability enhancement and asset and configuration management services, Bombardier combines our global product expertise built over decades of designing, manufacturing and maintaining signalling solutions, with functionality enabled by our advanced diagnostic system and dedicated asset management tool, to optimise the maintenance regimes of our customers' railway infrastructures.

Applying the complete OPTIFLO solution transfers related responsibility and risk to Bombardier. The infrastructure owner can conveniently supervise the process using configurable dashboards accessible within our diagnostics and asset management systems.

Maximized performance

While striving to meet the growing demand for railway transport, modernization of infrastructure and signalling systems is just as important as optimizing their performance throughout the lifecycle.

Convenient access to real-time information on the condition of assets combined with continuous support provided by Bombardier’s product experts and data analysts, enable prevention of gradual failures (↑MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures), as well as reduction of response time (↓MTTA - Mean Time To Arrive) and repair time for sudden failures (↓MTTR - Mean Time To Restore / Repair).

Proactive obsolescence management and cyber security solutions enable action to be taken ahead of potential issues, ensuring smooth and continuous operation.

Maximized performance allows for utilizing the infrastructure at its maximum capacity.

An effective maintenance regime allows:

  • prediction and prevention of issues that can be avoided,
  • reduction of the downtime caused by issues that couldn’t be avoided,
  • shifting towards the former.

Minimized lifecycle cost

Maintenance of a signalling system throughout its lifecycle typically amounts to a large portion of the lifecycle cost. Shifting from a combination of reactive and schedule-based regime to condition-based maintenance delivers substantial savings. Improved asset management improves related processes while obsolescence management and cyber security solutions prevent potential issues from occurring.

  • Less effort, spares and consumables (reduction of manual checks and preventative replacements)
  • Minimized cost of delays (uninterrupted operation)
  • Reduced administration work (improved processes)