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Rapid and reliable regional connections

Reliable regional connections play an important role in the growth of cities, towns and regions. Regional connections can help ease the pressure on inner-city commuter networks, foster out-of-city development and enhance regional tourism.

Rail operators are faced with a difficult challenge: how to deliver cost-effective mobility in an environment of strong competition, rising energy costs and growing demand. Bombardier has responded to this challenge by working with rail operators, suppliers and passengers to develop its latest generation of TALENT, AVENTRA and OMNEO regional trains.

Based on a modular approach, TALENT, AVENTRA and OMNEO regional trains combine efficiency, reliability and low lifecycle costs.

From Greater London to Victoria, Toronto to Paris, Bombardier’s portfolio of more than 700 regional trains operate reliably in and around major cities, towns and regions every day.

Key features of Bombardier’s regional trains include:

  • Safety and comfort
  • Maximum reliability and availability 
  • Minimized lifecycle costs and maintenance requirements
  • Efficient energy use
  • Option of diesel, electric or hybrid technology
  • Operational flexibility
  • Modern and attractive exteriors that complement surroundings
  • Flexible interiors to accommodate changing needs
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TALENT regional connections

The TALENT 3 regional train is a state-of-the-art transportation solution that offers operators a high degree of flexibility. The train is built with proven technology and is well regarded for its reliability. The key to the success of the TALENT 3 train is its modularity due to an interchangeable basic design which allows it to be configured to meet the individual needs of operators.

With a focus on environmental performance, specific emphasis was given to the application of Bombardier’s innovative technologies, including the intelligent MITRAC solution for improved energy efficiency. In addition, the train is equipped with the FLEXX Compact bogie for optimal performance and low maintenance costs.

Passenger comfort is paramount

The TALENT 3 solution can be equipped with one or two doors per car side, depending on capacity, to ensure rapid and convenient passenger flow.

Customers have the option of outfitting the train with various modules to increase the passenger experience including a catering module, a multipurpose area for luggage and bikes, as well as additional toilet modules.

The train also offers ergonomically designed seats, power sockets and tables.


The TALENT 3 offers barrier-free access at 550 mm or 760 mm platforms. To close the gap between platform and train, the vehicles are equipped with sliding steps.

By using sliding steps at different heights, easy and safe access from all platform levels within the operated network is ensured.

Modular interior design

The interior of the TALENT 3 is modular in its design. The base version offers ample space and comfortable seating for passengers in vis-à-vis or row seating arrangements.

Customers have the option to install a catering module, multipurpose areas or a second toilet module.

Innovative maintenance solutions for the complete product lifecycle

For the TALENT 3 vehicle family, Bombardier offers comprehensive maintenance solutions over the complete product lifecycle.

By using new technologies such as the AVI-System and ORBITA solution, combined with different business models, Bombardier offers tailored solutions and brings added value to every step in the value chain.

Battery-powered variant for emission-free transport

The TALENT 3 solution is also available as a battery electric multiple unit (BEMU) when equipped with MITRAC traction batteries, for catenary-free operation up to 100 kilometres.

The battery train is an excellent alternative to DMUs for non-electrified and partially electrified networks, helping transit authorities keep environmental commitments and reduce emissions. 

Bombardier TALENT 3 OBB

Optimized for regional operation

The TALENT 3 train is a state-of-the-art, modular solution that can easily adapt to the needs of both operators and passengers. The train’s spacious interior provides a comfortable journey for passengers due to efficient positioning of traction equipment, allowing maximum use of interior space. The TALENT 3 regional train also offers:

  • Speeds of up to 160 km/h
  • Mid-range capacity
  • Mid-range acceleration
  • 40 to 66 per cent driven axles
  • High power reserves due to modular traction performance
  • Up to 10 per cent energy reduction due to regenerative breaking and optimized maintenance
  • FLEXX Compact bogie for high mileage and low maintenance costs
  • MITRAC Energy Saver solution for energy efficiency 
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AVENTRA regional solutions

Bombardier has engineered a new generation of rolling stock to move the world: AVENTRA trains.

Building on Bombardier’s expertise in keeping the United Kingdom moving for the last 20 years, the AVENTRA single-deck train has been developed for the requirements of mainline train operations, from high-capacity metro systems to intercity services.

Designed to be the fastest, smartest and most economical platform in modern rail, AVENTRA trains are modular, from carriage length to interior layout and design. They can easily be modified for different customer requirements, while retaining core benefits such as a lightweight carbody and low lifecycle costs.

Designed for maintenance

Maintenance experts were involved in the design of the AVENTRA train from day one. This has enabled Bombardier to deliver optimized availability and reliability throughout the whole lifecycle. For customers this means lower lifecycle costs and maximum performance, as well as predictable and planned maintenance exams that can be scheduled during fleet downtime.

Tools such as MITRAC Energy Saver solution, ORBITA solution and Automatic Vehicle Inspection System (AVIS) have enabled AVENTRA trains to optimize maintenance performance through:

  • 50 per cent improvement in exam periodicities since 2012
  • 40 per cent reduction in man-hours per exam
  • 40 per cent reduction in the maintenance contribution to whole life cost

Smart stabling

This remote wake-up feature enables AVENTRA trains to automatically re-energize during the night. Energy and operational costs are saved, and the trains can quickly switch on and prepare to transport the first passengers of the day.

Safe and efficient arrivals

Onboard and train-to-wayside systems have been developed to ensure safety and efficiency for both passengers and operators. Dwell time at stations is reduced by allowing AVENTRA trains to manage braking and door activation automatically on entry to a station.

Industry-leading digital features

The latest in IP-based plug-and-play systems make it easy for train operators and owners to change elements throughout the life of the train to match demand.

In addition, optional features such as infotainment systems and Bombardier’s GoJoe tool offer passengers unrivalled flexibility and real-time information during their journey.

Battery-powered variant for emission-free transport

The AVENTRA solution is also available as a battery electric multiple unit (BEMU) when equipped with MITRAC traction batteries, for catenary-free operation up to 100 kilometres.

The battery train is an excellent alternative to DMUs for non-electrified and partially electrified networks, helping transit authorities keep environmental commitments and reduce emissions.

Optional bi-mode solution for enhanced operational flexibility

With a top speed of 200 km/h, AVENTRA trains can operate in both diesel and electric modes, giving operator’s the flexibility to power the train from an electric supply, or by using the onboard diesel engine.

AVENTRA train for South Western Railway in the UK

Proven innovation, ground-breaking performance

Regardless of differing train configurations and functions, all versions of the AVENTRA solution share the same innovative systems and components. The range of AVENTRA trains offer:

  • Speeds ranging from 145 km/h to 200 km/h
  • Low energy consumption thanks to subsystems such as the FLEXX Eco bogie, ThermoEfficient Climatization system and smart stabling
  • Traction energy savings
  • Optimized availability, reliability, cost and performance through the design-for-maintenance philosophy
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OMNEO regional services

High capacity double-deck trains are the recognized solution to the issue of overcrowded routes as building new tracks or extending platforms requires significant capital investment.

The OMNEO double-deck train allows operators to service high capacity lines without compromising accessibility and comfort. The train can be used for commuter, regional and intercity service with maximum speeds ranging from 140 to 200 km/h.

With alternating single and double-deck cars, the OMNEO train ensures outstanding capacity, comfort and accessibility.

Innovative single-deck/ double-deck concept

The OMNEO train’s alternating single-deck and double-deck coaches serve different functions.

Single-decks are dedicated to access and services featuring wide doors, large vestibules and interior equipment such as toilets and bicycle areas. All technical equipment is mounted on the roof of the single-deck cars to increase passenger space in the train’s interior.

Double-deck coaches are designed for capacity and comfort. The lack of doors, toilets and traction equipment within the cars enhances thermal and acoustic comfort. In addition, double-layer gangways minimize ambient noise.

Exceptional capacity

The OMNEO train is 2,990 mm wide, allowing 2+3 seating with 490 mm width at shoulder height, and 550 mm corridor width.

As a result, it provides up to 35 per cent more seating than standard double-deck trains, creating an economically-friendly solution to increased ridership and overcrowded trains.

Superior accessibility

The train offers platform level entrances adaptable to platform heights of 550 to 920 mm to facilitate access for passengers with limited mobility.

All cars offer a dedicated area for priority passengers together with adjacent seats for accompanying persons. A universally adapted toilet equipped for passengers with limited mobility is situated in the front car of the train.

Full flexibility for operators

The OMNEO train can be used for multiple types of operations, from commuter to intercity services, providing savings on operations and maintenance. Additional operational benefits include:

  • Maximum speeds ranging from 140 to 200 km/h
  • Exceptional range of train lengths, from 81 to 135 m
  • Operators can increase the number of cars at any point, with each car increasing capacity from 120 to 160 additional seats
  • Option to add additional intermediate cars

Spacious and comfortable

The design of the OMNEO train caters to the various travel requirements of passengers. The train’s exceptional design includes:

  • A carbody width of 2.99 m allowing for seats that are 15 per cent wider than in a conventional double-deck and a 3+2 seating arrangement
  • Double-layer wide gangways that filter out sound ensuring minimum noise levels in the double-deck seating area
  • An open saloon providing visibility throughout the train
  • Panoramic windows with an integrated armrest

Environmental technologies

With ECO4 technologies, the OMNEO train provides an environmentally-friendly and efficient transportation solution for passengers through:

  • The MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor for increased motor efficiency
  • EBI Drive 50 system for optimized speed and traction force
  • State-of-the-art aerodynamic computer modelling
  • A ThermoEfficient Climatization System
The OMNEO train was designed with customers and passengers in mind.

Customer and passenger focused

The OMNEO train provides a wide and spacious carriage allowing more seats and wider aisles, without compromising passenger comfort. The trains are highly flexible in concept and application giving operators the ability to use the trains for commuter, regional or intercity services. The range of OMNEO trains offer:

  • Several ECO4 technologies, including the MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor and the ThermoEfficient Climatization System
  • Up to 35 per cent more seating capacity than standard double-deck trains
  • Maximum speeds ranging from 140 to 200 km/h
  • Extra wide doors and vestibules
  • Level entrance at all doors from platform heights of 550, 760 or 920 mm
Bombardier OMNEO Regional Commuter

OMNEO regional trains - France

In 2010, the French National Railway Company (SNCF) signed a contract with Bombardier, on behalf of the French Regions, for the supply of OMNEO trains for commuter and regional services. These modular vehicles, belonging to the OMNEO product platform, combine capacity, comfort and accessibility.

The OMNEO double-deck train was designed to meet the expectations of passengers on lines serving the suburbs a hundred kilometres beyond the centre of Paris. It features level accessibility at all stations, a dynamic travel information system and power outlets for mobile devices. In addition, it offers lively interior colour schemes to brighten up daily commutes.

To date, French regions have ordered a total of 310 OMNEO regional and commuter trains for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (40), Brittany (26), Centre-Val de Loire (14), Hauts-de-France (25), Ile-de-France (125), Nouvelle Aquitaine (24), Occitanie (18), Pays-de-la-Loire (13) and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (16).

  • Speeds of 160 to 200 km/h
  • 310 commuter and regional trains ordered
  • First order received in 2010
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TWINDEXX Vario regional solution 

TWINDEXX Vario double-deck trains present the leading economic and service-proven solution on the market. The single car concept provides outstanding operational flexibility, while significantly increasing transport system capacity and offering best-in-class passenger comfort.

The capacity requirements for trains are subject to strong fluctuations. With TWINDEXX Vario double-deck trains, Bombardier offers modular and variable concepts, which can easily be adapted to peak and off-peak travel times. In addition to traditional push-pull operations using electric or diesel locomotives, the trains are also in service as electric multiple units.

High transport capacity

The TWINDEXX Vario train’s double-deck design offers 30% more seating capacity than standard single-deck trains, allowing operators to service routes with high ridership. The train’s extended gauge ensures maximum width for passenger room and maximum head clearance in the upper-deck.

Maximum flexibility

The coaches of the TWINDEXX Vario solution are freely scalable in terms of the train length, and can be used for many different operational applications for regional and intercity trains thanks to their flexible traction equipment.

All TWINDEXX Vario trains can be operated as classic push-pull trains with a locomotive and control car or as an electric multiple unit. Coaches of different vehicle generations can be combined with each other. Different entry heights also allow the train to be easily adapted to the requirements of the operator and the existing infrastructure parameters. 

Premium passenger experience

The TWINDEXX Vario double-deck train has the amenities required for a pleasant journey. The trains are equipped with comfortable and spacious seating, first and second-class areas, Wi-Fi, luggage racks and multipurpose areas for bicycles, as well as vestibules with stepless, low-floor access. 

Proven success, trusted partner

The TWINDEXX Vario double-deck train has been chosen by long-distance operators from six different regions. Over the last 25 years, Bombardier has sold over 3,000 TWINDEXX Vario coaches in different countries, including Germany, Luxemburg, Denmark, Israel and Poland. Bombardier in a trusted partner in providing mobility solutions to meet the various needs of long-distance operators.

High reliability and availability

A condition-based maintenance system ensures the TWINDEXX Vario solution performs optimally, with high levels of reliability and availability.  The maintenance system improves the maintenance schedule, reducing downtime and time-based maintenance. 

TWINDEXX Vario double-deck train

Flexibility in configuration and operation

The TWINDEXX Vario solution brings flexible configurations and operational capabilities to the double-deck train segment. The coaches can operate as double-deck trains in locomotive-hauled configurations, or as a multiple unit, with single cars available in different entrance heights (600 to 1,150 mm).

Existing locomotives can easily be replaced by TWINDEXX Vario motor cars as required. This is of interest for the cross-border use of the trains, since both the locomotives and the coaches can be made multi-system capable. 

Sleek and environmentally-friendly design

Bombardier implemented aerodynamic optimizations on the TWINDEXX Vario cars, resulting in a sleek design, lower resistance and reduced energy consumption.

#Anchor : Additional regional projects

Additional regional projects

In addition to the TALENT, AVENTRA, OMNEO and TWINDEXX trains, Bombardier has designed and produced a number of other single and double-deck regional trains for customers around the world.


AGC regional train - France

The AGC (Autorail Grande Capacité) is a multipurpose train serving the French regions. A hybrid version (dual mode, dual voltage) now allows for operation on non-electrified lines using a diesel engine as well as under the catenary using electrical traction. The hybrid AGC can also run on networks with different voltages (1,500 V DC or 25 kV AC).

In 2001, French National Railways (SNCF) placed an order for 500 trains for the French regions. Later in 2006, this order was expanded to 700 trains – the largest fleet of the same family worldwide. Twenty-one French regions have ordered AGC trains since.

  • Maximum speed of 160 km/h
  • Three options for power transmission: electric, diesel or dual mode
  • Orders in 2001 and 2006

Featured video

Bombardier’s new AVENTRA modular product platform is a next generation EMU designed by and for the UK, developed in conjunction with industry stakeholders with the flexibility to meet the requirements of a variety of train operations from high density metro-type operations to high speed commuter services. In this video, UK Head of Sales - Rolling Stock, Chris Parker discusses some of the main benefits and features of AVENTRA, including reduced weight, optimised energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and minimised whole life costs.