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(Very) high-speed redefined

The ZEFIRO high-speed (HS) and very high-speed (VHS) train family takes rail transport to the next level in terms of performance and efficiency.

Fast, safe, reliable and comfortable, high-speed and very high-speed trains now rival air travel as an efficient means of transportation for long distances. As a result, infrastructure investments have been made to boost rail travel in various countries around the world.

Bombardier has been a key player in the design and delivery of almost all major European very high-speed trains, in addition to other significant international high-speed projects, with an impressive portfolio of over 20 products worldwide.

The ZEFIRO high-speed train family is the culmination of Bombardier’s long-standing reputation in this market segment. Developed for speeds between 200 and 380 km/h, ZEFIRO trains offer maximum levels of comfort and capacity, low operating costs and diverse application options for different countries and railway networks.

With more than 25 years in the high-speed sector, Bombardier’s experience in rail vehicle engineering is matched by extensive knowledge of all industrial, economical and operational parameters. As an active partner and supplier, Bombardier provides operators with added value.

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ZEFIRO Speed very high-speed solution 

Capable of speeds up to 380 km per hour, the ZEFIRO VHS train is one of the world’s fastest rail vehicles. This is faster than the travelling speed of a peregrine falcon, who can reach up to 320 km/h. This ultra-modern train combines the segment’s highest capacity with pioneering levels of passenger comfort.


Flexibility for operators

The ZEFIRO Speed solution reaches top speeds from 250 to 360 km/h. The train’s flexible traction propulsion is setup for two to four motorized cars. Operations are the most cost efficient at 250 km/h with two motor cars – costs can be reduced by 5%.

The interior of the train easily be reconfigured, with amenities such as seats and luggage racks mounted on C-rails, giving fully flexibility for positioning of equipment.

Lightweight design

The components that make up the ZEFIRO Speed train were designed to reduce weight and save on energy.

The inner bearing bogies feature smaller bogie frames and shorter axles, reducing weight, and in turn, reducing both track access  and lifecycle costs.  

In addition, the light, aluminum carbody reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The lightweight design of the ZEFIRO Speed solution saves up to 350,000 EUR in energy costs over the lifetime of the train.

Comfortable passenger experience

The ZEFIRO Speed train features pioneering levels of comfort. Passengers have the choice of four different seating arrangements, ranging from standard 2+2 seating to executive service with 1+1 seating and boardrooms that can seat up to five passengers.

In addition, active lateral suspension suppresses vibration, providing more comfort, particularly on older tracks and tracks that are in poor condition.

Open tube design for maximum capacity

The open tube design of the ZEFIRO Speed train maximizes available interior space, providing more capacity while also ensuring excellent passenger flow and spaciousness. The flexible design for wide body applications allows for 2+3 seating without compromising on space.  Electrical components and cabinets are placed in the underframe or in the ceiling area of the train to improve available passenger space.

The open tube design offers maximum capacity and comfort with up to 10% more seats.

Highly energy efficient

The train’s AeroEfficient design reduces energy consumption by 9%. The design is based on genetic algorithms that use:

  • Parameterized, three-dimensional CAD models
  • Simulation of aerodynamic drag and cross-wind stability
  • Optimization software to determine Pareto optimal solutions
  • And our long-term experience in designing VHS trains

With streamlined integration of pantograph and HV-components, high aerodynamic efficiency is enabled. The upper-front section of the carbody is tapered like a boat tail to enable pressure recovery at the tail, resulting in drag reduction, and thus less energy consumption.

Predictive maintenance for reliable operations

Predictive maintenance saves up to 20% on maintenance costs over the lifetime of the ZEFIRO Speed train. Some of the benefits of predictive maintenance include:

  • Prolongation of average lifetime of components
  • Identification of upcoming faults
  • Improved reliability and availability (avoidance of unexpected in-service failures)
  • Improved scheduling of maintenance


Bombardier Frecciarossa

Redefining high-speed

ZEFIRO trains set benchmarks in high performance. As one of the fastest series-production trains, it is also the world’s most eco-friendly and one of the most economical VHS trains. Capable of speeds of up to 360 km per hour, the ZEFIRO VHS train is one of the world’s fastest rail vehicles. This is faster than the travelling speed of a peregrine falcon, who can reach up to 320 km/h. This ultra-modern train combines the segment’s highest capacity with pioneering levels of passenger comfort.

An advanced aerodynamic design that benefits from Bombardier’s aviation expertise ensures the trains run with an unprecedented degree of energy efficiency. The train also features:  

  • Speeds ranging from 250 km/h to 360 km/h
  • Up to four voltage systems per train (25 kV AC, 15 kV AC, 3 kV DC and 1.5 kV)
  • Flexible train length, up to 16 cars
  • Vibration suppression and noise reduction

Equipped with FLEXX Speed or FLEXX Eco bogies.


Bombardier Zefiro in motion sunset

Exterior designed for performance and cost optimization 

  • The ZEFIRO Speed train’s aerodynamic design package includes a front design which reduces drag and thus consumes less energy
  • Streamlined integration of the pantograph and HV-components enable high aerodynamic efficiency
  • The lightweight design of the train’s carbody reduces energy consumption and saves up to 350,000 EUR over the lifetime of the train
V300ZEFIRO - Italy

V300ZEFIRO - Italy

Developed in partnership with Hitachi (formerly AnsaldoBreda) the V300ZEFIRO VHS train is Europe’s fastest series production train and offers unprecedented capacity and comfort levels in the high-speed segment. With the V300ZEFIRO, passengers can travel from Naples in the south, to the northern Italian city of Milan, in under five hours. With multi-voltage technology and TSI compliance, it can operate on any high-speed rail network and across country corridors.

  • Capacity of 457 passengers
  • Design speed of 360 km/h
  • Order received in 2010
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ZEFIRO Express intercity services 

The ZEFIRO Express train brings comfort and high-speed to the intercity segment with the lowest total cost of ownership. Capable of comfortably seating up to 800 passengers, it is the perfect mobility solution for intercity routes with high ridership. Condition-based and predictive maintenance ensure lifecycle costs are low, reliability and availability are high, and the average lifetime of components is prolonged, generating more savings and revenue for customers.

Operational flexibility

The ZEFIRO Express solution offers flexible operating speeds ranging from 200 km/h to 250 km/h, providing passengers with quick connections from A to B.  The train also features adjustable configurations from 54 m (2-cars) to 213 m (8-cars) to accommodate customer requirements. The highly standardized propulsion package can service routes from regional/Intercity operation with high acceleration needs, to high-speed operation up to 250 km/h. 

Low total cost of ownership

The ZEFIRO Express offers the best operational costs for the customer. The solution provides both low capital expenditure and low operational expenditure due to best-in-class energy performance, high quality components and field experience and reduced wheel-wear. 

High capacity without compromising comfort

The ZEFIRO Express carbody is characterized by its flexibility and is designed to seat up to 800 passengers. The width can be adapted according to country-specific network requirements, allowing comfortable 2+3 seating if required. The spacious design offers the best single-deck capacity on the market.

High-capacity trains require solutions for quick boarding and departure, and the ZEFIRO Express is equipped with 1,400 mm doors and an interior that enables passengers to quickly locate available seats. 

Designed for all seasons

Bombardier has extensive experience developing solutions for Sweden and the Nordic climate. The ZEFIRO Express solution was designed for peak performance through all seasons and has undergone extensive testing in winter conditions. The train is reliable down to -40 Celsius and can run through an 80 cm snow drift.

Passenger comfort

The ZEFIRO Express solution features the highest passenger comfort level based on Bombardier’s high-speed platform experience.

Pressure-tight cars increase comfort when travelling through tunnels and when passing other trains, while also lowering noise when moving at full speed.

The train’s spacious design with high ceilings and a wide carbody provides passengers with comfortable seating, making long journeys more enjoyable.

Bombardier‘s flexible carbody design utilizes the maximum width possible within the given Nordic gauge profiles which allows maximum space and comfort for the passengers.

Battery-powered variant for emission-free transport

The ZEFIRO Express is also available as a battery electric multiple unit (BEMU) when equipped with MITRAC traction batteries, for catenary-free operation up to 100 kilometres. The ZEFIRO Express battery train is an excellent alternative to DMUs for non-electrified and partially-electrified networks, helping transit authorities keep environmental commitments and reduce emissions.

The ZEFIRO Express quickly and efficiently transports passengers from A to B, while providing operators with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Flexibility in configuration and operation

Travelling up to 250 km/h, the ZEFIRO Express can quickly and efficiently move up to 800 seated passengers. The train’s spacious interior ensures passengers are comfortable during their journey, even in 2+3 seating arrangements.

Designed for the Nordic climate, this mobility solution can perform in temperatures as low as -40 Celsius, and plough through snow drifts as high as 80 cm, ensuring a reliable service, regardless of the season.

The solution also features:

  • The widest carbody on the market for greater capacity or greater comfort, depending on the customer’s needs
  • The lowest total cost of ownership due to energy efficiency and optimized maintenance costs, long life components, as well as condition-based and predictive maintenance
  • Highly efficient propulsion system with 1.25 megawatts per propulsion package, and scalable, redundant single-axle drive propulsion, optimizing maintenance costs
Designed for reliable intercity services, regardless of the weather conditions.

Built for all weather conditions and high-speed performance 

The exterior of the ZEFIRO Express was specially designed to take on all weather elements with a winter package which ensures reliability down to -40 Celsius.

The train has also been designed for superior accessibility. Boarding height is flexible, and the step-free entrance allows passengers with reduced mobility to board the train without assistance. The entrance area is spacious with 1,400 mm wide doors for easy access and rapid boarding, increasing reliability by allowing the train to stay on schedule.

ZEFIRO Express - Sweden

ZEFIRO Express train - Sweden

Bombardier Transportation has signed a contract with Västtrafik to supply 40 high-speed ZEFIRO Express trains to cater to growing regional traffic in Sweden’s region of Västra Götaland.

The three-car trains are designed for high capacity, premium passenger comfort, low operational cost, and the ability to operate under the harsh weather conditions prevalent in Nordics. The ZEFIRO Express trains will operate at speeds of up to 200 km/h, offer seating for 270 passengers and includes features such as Wi-Fi, low-floor and multi-purpose areas. The trains have a pressure-tight, ultra-wide carbody, which outperforms competition in terms of passenger comfort.

With a focus on the unique needs of Västra Götaland, Bombardier offers a solution that´s highly reliable with a diagnostic capability to increase availability, ensuring a high degree of schedule effectiveness.

  • Seats 270 passengers, with 2+3 seating which delivers highest capacity
  • Features winterization package for very low temperature conditions down to -40 degrees
  • Design speed of 200 km/h

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Additional reference projects

In addition to ZEFIRO trains, Bombardier has designed and produced a number of high-speed trains for long-distance rail travel, including one of the world’s fastest trains in China. 

Featured video

The V300ZEFIRO is the first train in Europe based on Bombardier's ZEFIRO high-speed train platform. With a commercial speed of up to 360 kph it is also one of the fastest trains in Europe. In September 2010 Trenitalia ordered 50 V300ZEFIRO trains, which operate in Italy under the name FRECCIAROSSA 1000.