Bombardier equipment for urban vehicles

Bombardier equipment for urban vehicles

Bombardier Transportation is providing innovative, reliable and safe equipment for urban vehicles:

  • FLEXX Bogies
  • MITRAC Power drives
  • MITRAC Power propulsion systems
  • MITRAC Control TCMS (train control management systems)
  • MITRAC Pulse traction batteries
#Anchor : FLEXX Bogies

FLEXX Bogies – providing high quality worldwide

The FLEXX portfolio offers the best bogie technologies and solutions for all types of urban vehicles.

Bombardier provides innovative and reliable FLEXX bogies to fulfill customer requirements and meet transportation challenges in an urban environment.

  • FLEXX Urban bogies – for trams and light rail vehicles
  • FLEXX Metro bogies – for metro vehicles
  • FLEXX Eco bogies – for metro vehicles

FLEXX Urban bogies

FLEXX Urban bogies are configured to ensure smooth and safe journeys for travelers in cities, thanks to specific design features.

Low noise, passenger comfort, robustness, reliability and a high level of safety are common characteristics of the FLEXX Urban bogie family.

More than 10,000 FLEXX Urban bogies are in successful operation beneath 3,000 FLEXITY trams in Berlin, Kassel, Basel, Toronto, Melbourne, Brussels and Marseille.

Environmental friendliness

FLEXX Urban bogies are perfectly integrated into vehicles to minimize the transmission of vibration and noise to the environment.

Easy accessibility

Trams and light rail vehicles are designed for ease of accessibility and convenience for urban travelers. FLEXX Urban bogies make these features possible through their compatibility with low floor levels.

Over 4,000 FLEXX Urban bogies are operating under 100 per cent low-floor vehicles.

FLEXX Urban bogies serve the complete range of trams and light rail vehicles, depending on customer needs: from 100 per cent low-floor city trams to dual-system trams, and for narrow- to standard-gauge networks.

Extended lifecycle

Particular attention is paid to maintenance aspects such as minimum rail and wheel wear, enabling long wheel lives.

A significant level of standardization answers market needs for high technical reliability, substantial reduction of lifecycle costs, long-term availability and reduction of delivery time for spare parts.

FLEXX Metro bogie 6048

FLEXX Metro bogies

Frequency and reliability are of the utmost importance for high-performance mass-transit systems. The FLEXX Metro bogie is crucial for metro trains in terms of safety, maintenance cost and passenger comfort. These requirements are met by extreme reliability, robustness and straightforward design.

Railway infrastructures are as varied as the cities they serve. For that reason, the FLEXX Metro portfolio reflects these distinctions with different configurations such as radial steering or inboard bearing designs.

More than 24,000 FLEXX Metro bogies are currently in service in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Bucharest and New Delhi.

Optimal safety

The robust design of FLEXX Metro bogies enables operations on networks with challenging track twists.

The FLEXX Metro bogie portfolio features several innovative design concepts including articulated frames for optimum safety against derailment, and guarantees safe journeys for passengers.

Low lifecycle costs

All FLEXX Metro bogie components are designed and specified with a view to reducing whole bogie lifecycle costs. Emphasis is placed on rapid and easy exchangeability of all components.

The design of the FLEXX Metro bogie family is characterized by maximum use of standard components. This ensures competitive cost levels as well as the use of proven design solutions.

Bogie maintenance is based on the principle of removable modules for operators’ convenience and for maximizing fleet availability. The number of wearing parts is minimized.

Environmental friendliness

FLEXX Metro bogies’ lightweight bogie concepts enable maximum vehicle capacity utilization with minimum energy consumption.

Primary suspension with elastomeric components gives excellent steering performance and guarantees minimal noise and vibration for the benefit of urban inhabitants and the comfort of passengers.

Bombardier FLEXX Eco bogie 6050

FLEXX Eco bogies

The FLEXX Eco bogie has been developed to satisfy customer requirements in terms of lifecycle costs and environmental considerations.

The success of the design arose from a fundamental re-think of the conventional bogie layout that retained and improved the overall safety and performance expected from a modern bogie design. The general simplicity of the design combined with the inboard bearing wheelset concept has resulted in a compact, lightweight and robust bogie.

FLEXX Eco bogies are currently being manufactured for the MOVIA C30 metro for the city of Stockholm, and for the INNOVIA metro trains for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Train weight reduction

FLEXX Eco bogies optimize the overall performance and reliability of the vehicle by reducing the train weight. The bogie is compact and lightweight: 30 per cent reduction in weight bogie mass compared with a conventional bogie, and 25 per cent reduction in unsprung mass.

Improved total cost of ownership

The FLEXX Eco bogie reduces maintenance costs. Reductions are driven by easy access to the wheels and brakes thanks to its inboard bearing design resulting in total lifecycle costs that are as much as 25 per cent lower. Maintenance intervals are also extended significantly due to the lower unsprung mass of the FLEXX Eco bogie, leading to reduced wear on track. The compact design of the bogie reduces energy consumption.

Track friendliness

FLEXX Eco bogies enable safe and comfortable journeys for urban passengers. The specific design and low weight of the bogie reduce track damage. The bogie also reduces rail wear thanks to improved performance on curves.

Innovative mechatronic platform

Safety, efficiency and flexibility are guiding principles in Bombardier’s product development.

Four mechatronic solutions using a modular system with standard components have been developed and can be applied to the full portfolio of FLEXX Bogies:

  • FLEXX Tronic technology with ARS – active radial steering
  • FLEXX Track – track condition monitoring
  • FLEXX Guide – bogie condition monitoring
  • FLEXX Tronic WAKO – roll movement compensation

These four applications represent major customer benefits in terms of maintenance and costs.

FLEXX Tronic technology with active radial steering

FLEXX Tronic technology with active radial steering and stability control (ARS) installed on FLEXX Bogies allows the stability and curve-friendliness of the train and many other benefits:

  • Track-friendliness: diminution of track impact
  • Reduced maintenance costs: active system and self-diagnosis to anticipate the decrease of performance
  • Reduced noise and vibration: comfort improvement for passengers thanks to tilting


FLEXX Tronic technology can equip any FLEXX Bogies and can be used on different national track networks.

FLEXX Track – track condition monitoring

FLEXX Track is a sensor-based measurement system installed on the vehicle. It is designed to monitor track conditions and evaluate their deterioration over time.

The information obtained thanks to the FLEXX Track system is used to identify and locate track disturbances such as track torsion, vertical track disturbances, crushes at joints and switches, and rail ripples.

It is designed as a modular system and can be configured for various measurement requirements.

FLEXX Guide – bogie condition monitoring

FLEXX Guide is a monitoring systems in the bogie, dedicated to safety or maintenance.

The benefits for the operator include:

  • Avoidance of in-service failures
  • Improved maintenance scheduling
  • Maximized components’ lifetime
  • Increased safety

All systems are built up from components out of Bombardier’s mechatronic building blocks.

During development, attention was especially given to support a simple integration and easy retrofit.

FLEXX Tronic WAKO technology

FLEXX Tronic WAKO technology is an innovative mechatronic solution designed to compensate the natural roll movement of a carbody.

The system allows the vehicle to increase speed in curves by 15 per cent, enabling shorter journey times and improved punctuality with lower infrastructure investment.

The design principles enable a high comfort for passengers with no seasickness effect.

The self-diagnosis features lead to a high reliability, lower lifecycle costs and reduced maintenance costs for the trains.

FLEXX Tronic WAKO is currently in operation on the FLEXX Compact bogies of the TWINDEXX Express double-deck trains in Switzerland.

#Anchor : MITRAC Power drives

MITRAC Power drives

MITRAC Power drives offer a full qualitative system of traction for vehicles, providing better performance, reliable operation, ease of maintenance and best lifecycle costs.

The MITRAC Power drives portfolio covers a broad range of railway applications. The modular architecture of our products allows customized, innovative and flexible applications based on standard and field-proven building blocks to meet different requirements.

More than 100,000 MITRAC Power drive units are in operation worldwide.

Bombardie MITRAC 500 drive

MITRAC Power drive 500 

MITRAC Power drives 500 offer propulsion systems for light rail vehicles such as tramways as well as for automated people movers and monorails.

MITRAC Power drives for low-power applications include an extensive range of solutions comprising different suspension types and cooling concepts as well as motor and gearbox concepts. They are reliable, ensure a comfortable ride, and can be easily integrated into the limited space requirements of a bogie.

Some 3,000 MITRAC Power drive 500 are operating on trams in different cities worldwide, including Marseille, Brussels, Valencia, Berlin, Blackpool and Nanjing.

Optimized design

The MITRAC Power drive 500 family has an optimized design according to the fundamental requirements of available space, axle load and speed, resulting in a highly reliable solution with low maintenance needs during the lifetime of the product.

DR 1520 for MOVIA C30

MITRAC Power drives 1000

MITRAC Power drives 1000 are medium-power propulsion systems for a wide range of vehicle applications such as metros. MITRAC Power drives 1000 are adaptable modules: multiple drive designs from single axle to group topologies, different traction motors cooling types and drives topologies depending on customer requirements. These ensure speed performance and robust technologies with proven track records in operation. The MITRAC Power drives 1000 portfolio is in operation on the MOVIA metro for London Underground, Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore Downtown Line, and the MOVIA C30 metro for Stockholm.

#Anchor : MITRAC Power propulsion systems

MITRAC Power propulsion systems

MITRAC Power propulsion systems combine high-voltage components, transformers, traction and auxiliary converters, motors and gears with optimized and proven modules, architectures and leading MITRAC controls.

Bombardier provides different propulsion and control systems for metros, monorails, tramways and light rail vehicles.

  • MITRAC Power propulsion system 500
  • MITRAC Power propulsion system 1000
Bombardier MITRAC 500 low power propulsion

MITRAC Power propulsion system 500

The MITRAC Power propulsion system 500 product portfolio is a family of propulsion systems for light rail vehicles such as street cars and trams as well as for automated people movers (APM).


MITRAC Power propulsion system 1000

The MITRAC Power traction converter 1000 product family can be applied to any power system in any country. This allows flexible use, as needed in cities.

MITRAC Power propulsion 1000 systems for metro trains are perfectly adapted to urban operating conditions. Air- or water-cooled, they are the ideal solution for transporting passengers safely, reliably and quickly.

Low lifecycle cost

Designed with well-proven and optimized components, MITRAC Power traction converters 1000 offer a reliable and robust system with a low lifecycle cost.

High reliability

Different configuration options enable to meet various requirements such as availability, cost and energy efficiency.

#Anchor : MITRAC Control TCMS

MITRAC Control TCMS (Train Control Management System)

The MITRAC Control TCMS (Train Control Management System) is a modular, scalable, secure and open-standard control and communication platform. It manages and controls the flow of information both on board between different sub-systems such as converters, doors, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and also between the train and ground.

Fully integrated product portfolio built on a generic concept

It can be adapted to the individual needs of different vehicle types simply by adding self-contained modules for clearly defined functionalities. This allows for efficient and reliable train operation at a high level of safety and security, providing excellent and convenient services for passengers.

The MITRAC Control TCMS platform offers a modular concept at a high degree of standardization, offering great flexibility in terms of configuration, scalability and interfacing to sub-systems, with the additional benefit of being cost-effective.

It provides control, monitoring, capability for inter-operation and sharing solutions such as fleet management based on diagnostics combined with train-to-ground communication for urban vehicles such as metros, tramways and LRVs.

Control and management of trains and comfort for passengers

The MITRAC Control TCMS platform is fully integrated solution with all major functions necessary to design, implement, validate and maintain vehicle control systems. It is supported by a portfolio of products, guaranteeing perfect interaction with other systems based on open standards.

  • The operational domain implements all control and management functions to allow efficient fleet operation, for example by providing extensive diagnostics.
  • The safety domain implements all safety-related functions and supports the implementation of vehicle safety designs.

MITRAC Control TCMS also enhances customers’ offerings by improving the travel experience with comprehensive on-board information and passenger connectivity. MITRAC Control TCMS solutions are installed in more than 25,000 cars.


The MITRAC Control TCMS platform has been designed as a distributed, modular, scalable solution. It is very reliable and supports redundancy and the building of highly available architectures. The communication is based on an IP backbone. It controls and manages all sub-systems on the train, independent of supplier or technical generation.

Boosting customer competitiveness

The MITRAC Control TCMS platform with integrated fleet management solution leads to significant reductions in fleet operation costs. It allows service personnel to respond swiftly, schedule maintenance efficiently, and order spare parts in advance, leading to improved fleet uptime and better availability. The system accurately interprets and analyzes sub-system and equipment data, anticipating problems well in advance – a prerequisite for cost-efficient condition-based maintenance.


Bombardier takes a two-track approach to sustainability. First, it designs systems with longer than normal service life. Second, it enhances the quality of our customers’ offering, ensuring that their operations continue to prosper well into the future.

#Anchor : MITRAC Pulse traction battery

MITRAC Pulse traction battery

Bombardier offers scalable battery technology to support customers with flexible solutions.

Thanks to these solutions, our customers can benefit from a total energy management system for their vehicles – including dedicated functions to optimize existing infrastructure, operation needs and propulsion (including storage).

Benefits for customers are significant. Added value varies depending on customer’s operational requirements.

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