This is taking a global approach. This is world moving.

At Bombardier Transportation, we’re a global leader in rail technology. Connecting communities, cities, businesses and people – all over the world, every day – we never stand still. Join us and neither will you. Whether you’re championing new ways of working, exploring new technologies or sharing knowledge with colleagues across countries and cultures, you can shape your own way ahead. And, as you help us to create faster, safer, greener journeys, you’ll help millions of people to go further too.



While engineering is the core of our business, there are many other professions that enable our organization to run smoothly. We offer great opportunities across a variety of functions, including Project Management, IT, Finance, Operations, Procurement and HR.



Apprenticeship and dual study in Germany

Discover the opportunity to successfully launch your career with an apprenticeship or course of study at Bombardier in Germany, and benefit from the wide range of possibilities offered by our international company. Learn more on our regional German website.

#Anchor : Why work for us?

Why work for us?

We put people first

We care about our employees, and encourage and support self-confidence and the ability to inspire confidence in others. We treat them with respect, integrate their ideas, celebrate their achievements and acknowledge their contributions.

  • We care about our employees as people.
  • We deal with everyone simply and fairly.
  • We have confidence in our own abilities and inspire confidence in our colleagues and partners.
  • We encourage feedback and integrate good ideas from all employees.
  • We celebrate achievements…and we acknowledge people for their contributions.

We work together

We build and mobilize teams with colleagues, customers and partners. We value trust, diversity, open communication, encouragement and collaboration to achieve our common goals.

  • We build and mobilize teams in pursuit of common goals.
  • We value cultural diversity.
  • We reach out to others in the organization to achieve success and work effectively across all boundaries.
  • We engage each other with trust.
  • We communicate openly and frequently.
  • We are accessible to others, especially when they need help and encouragement.

We have a passion for winning

We are driven by a clear vision and are action-oriented. We are committed to winning and are focused on continuous improvement and opportunities. We approach challenges with passion, enthusiasm, creativity and excitement.

  • We are driven by a clear and simple vision… and we take action.
  • We focus on opportunity.
  • We always drive for improvements and quality.
  • We find a way to win.


We strive for results

We take accountability for the flawless execution of effective strategies. We find solutions to overcome obstacles and we develop our talent to meet targeted results and optimize performance.

  • We take ownership for something bigger than our individual responsibilities.
  • We simplify the complex… and find solutions.
  • We develop effective strategies to meet targeted results.
  • We strive for flawless execution.
  • We develop talent to optimize performance.
#Anchor : Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Bombardier Transportation views diversity as a strength. Our goal is to make Bombardier Transportation a place where every member of our diverse workforce can be their best in a truly inclusive environment. We also want to challenge and improve the way we operate, so, for us, inclusiveness is about more than creating an open environment free of barriers and biases. It’s also about embracing the rich variety of ideas, skills and experiences of all our employees. So we welcome talented individuals from all backgrounds, genders and abilities to bring new points of view and different approaches to our teams and the way we work.

Diversity at Bombardier Transportation
#Anchor : Benefits and career development


As well as offering a satisfying and rewarding job, we provide a competitive salary and benefits package. Along with a pension scheme and generous holiday entitlement, you can look forward to a wide range of financial and other benefits.

Career development

We’re committed to attracting and retaining the right talent, by providing an environment where our people can develop a fulfilling career. So, if you’re motivated to make progress and ready to take the initiative, there are lots of opportunities to grow and go further with us. 




With regular discussions with your line manager you’ll be able to build your own career roadmap, indicating your professional ambitions and interest in moving across our organization. You’ll also have opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge through practical, on-the-job training.